Christmas approaches…even closer now.

Merry Christmas

The big day is fast approaching – just three more sleeps to go. It will be a quiet one for my hubby and I. I am settling into being okay with that. After years of hustle bustle and travelling we have decided to stay home and relax. The tough part is not being able to see my grandson, who is a year and a half old now, tearing into his presents. Hmm…just thought of something, ¬†maybe I can arrange a Skype call on the 25th so I can still see him not in person but see him…if you know what I mean. My stepson will not be coming over to share the holidays with us until after Christmas Day. =( When he does come over we will be having a ham dinner with wine to warm our spirits. We will exchange presents and do some talking as well.

This will be the second year without my Dad and I truthfully just haven’t been in the mood for Christmas this year either. It took me a long time to put the tree up and I did contemplate not even bothering. My husband asked me to put it up regardless – I guess with the hope that once the house looked a little festive it might help my mood. It hasn’t. Every year I put a note to my Dad in a little Coke lunchbox ornament I bought when he passed. His favorite drink used to be Canadian Club whiskey and Coke so it reminds me of him and listening to his stories while having a drink and relaxing sometimes. I am in a much better frame of mind than I was when I wrote my first post in this blog. I guess it is because all the shopping and paying bills has been done and I am now far from the maddening crowd. Thank Goodness.

I want to take a moment and wish everyone who is reading this a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays or whatever you choose to call it this time of year. Thank you for continuing to stop by and read my musings, for sharing my writing and contacting me on social media too. That is all I really wanted to say for tonight. It has been another busy day running the roads, buying groceries, paying bills and getting last minute things and I am tired. My husband and I have been burning the candle at both ends for far too long now and our bodies are rebelling and reminding us we must also rest and recover. Best wishes Everyone! =) Have a safe and happy holiday. I will be back tomorrow with another post.