My husband’s birthday was yesterday. =)

happy birthday

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity from 6 a.m. until the wee hours of this morning as I write this post. Kevin, my husband’s, birthday was yesterday. He got up at 6 a.m. since he was unable to sleep and started playing with his RC cars and trucks shooting videos to upload to his You Tube channel with a camera mounted either on the RC itself or the bill of his ball cap since I was still in bed sleeping. We have vastly differing sleep schedules, he and I. He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat usually but has trouble remaining asleep whereas I have serious issues getting to sleep hence why it is currently 2:07 a.m. as I write this. I tend to stay asleep but don’t get up until 10 ish in the morning due to getting to bed late but I digress.

When I got up he had my pot of tea ready for me (as he always does – a real sweetie) and I immediately wished him a happy birthday. We were both busy on our computers catching up on emails from our respective You Tube channels plus personal emails and surfing the net to find out things we need to know. Lunch time rolled around and I made tuna salad sandwiches and mushroom soup. Then we headed out the door to check the mailbox at the bottom of the hill and deliver two RC tires to a friend we sold them to for $20. From there we headed to the mall to look around in the stores to see what was on sale and think about the presents we still needed to get for Christmas. While in Best Buy in the RC section (of course lol) there was a male customer that needed help with Traxxas RC parts knowledge and upon hearing Kevin and I discussing the various parts we still need for our rigs he interrupted us to inquire if we were well versed in all things RC. Kevin was all too happy to oblige and help him out if he could. Well, they talked for a long time. Contact information was handed out and we may hear from him again. He was so impressed with Kevin’s knowledge he suggested he might want to come see him to get some work done on his RC if Kevin wouldn’t mind.

Finally we parted company with him and continued on with our day. I left with a set of metal shock caps for one of Kevin’s machines – a birthday present purchased with the $20 I had just made from the sale of my tires. We then drove home and no sooner had we gotten in the door when a friend called to ask if he could come over. We said sure, we are here. He arrived with a birthday gift for Kevin and hung around for a while talking until he had to go home. Already it was dinner time…where does the day go? I prepared pork steaks, rice and corn for Kevin’s birthday dinner followed by our tradition of cheesecake. We prefer cheesecake for birthdays instead of traditional cake…no candles for us please. Just after finishing dessert Kevin’s 22 year old son called and asked us to meet him after work. We did and went to Tim Horton’s then Value Village, Green Earth, McDonalds for a late night snack and Walmart. His son had a funny card and a $15 iTunes card for him which he had presented to him during the evening. Around 10:30 p.m. we took his son to his place and then headed home ourselves. Phew….a long day to be sure. Kevin stayed awake until 12:30 a.m. and then collapsed into bed – he did tell me he had a wonderful birthday but was thoroughly done in. Here I sit write a blog post, lol, which I will end now and say Goodnight All!! When I wake up tomorrow already looks like another busy day- until then…bye for now. Thanks for checking in and reading this post. It is appreciated. =)