Merry Christmas Everyone!

ham dinner for blog

The big day is finally here. All the build up in the media and the stores has come to an end for Christmas this year…now it will be on to Boxing Day Sales, New Years and then Valentine’s Day and on it goes. Have you ever noticed that for every holiday there is an associated candy that the kids just HAVE to have? Which came first…the holiday or the candy? LOL

It is a quiet day here in our household. We chose to stay home this year instead of travelling south to visit family. It is a nice change of pace…I must say. My husband and I have been totally immersed in the game Minecraft on our computers. I bought us each a copy of the game and my husband bought us each a brand new RC vehicle. He is getting a Kyosho Blizzard FR…the newest model just released, and I am getting an HSP Monster Truck full hobby grade with tons of metal upgrades. It comes with a Lipo battery and charger too. This will be my very first BRAND NEW Radio Controlled Vehicle. I have a few others but all of them are second hand and cobbled together. I am so excited. =)

Calls have been made to friends and family to wish them a Merry Christmas. Dinner is in the oven warming up…having ham this year, since it is just the two of us, along with mashed potatoes and broccoli and gravy. This morning we had wife saver breakfast – a tradition in our house. I received pictures of my grandson opening his gifts. He is such a happy and content little guy.

Well, I must run there is more to do to get supper ready. Until my next post….thank you for checking in to read this and have yourselves a Merry Christmas. =) Stay safe!