It Finally Snowed!


I live in Northern Ontario Canada and we just celebrated a green Christmas. The first one in  a lot of years. Overnight it started snowing and we now have about 2 cm on the ground. This is great news because the RC my hubby ordered for himself needs snow to really show it off and it is due to be delivered any day now. My new RC is waterproof and can handle any condition out there weather wise.

We are still using up ham from our Christmas dinner but tonight I thawed chicken drumsticks out and we are having something different. We have had nothing but variations of ham over the past three days. Ugh…I need a change. There is still more chicken in the freezer and fish and chips…but chicken sounded like the best option tonight.

I have been playing Minecraft almost non stop since a few days before Christmas. I stop every now and then to check my emails, look at the weather forecast and answer/ comment on You Tube videos, mine and others. Minecraft is one addictive game and I am loving the graphics in these texture packs we downloaded. Now the kitchens look pro with modern stoves, stainless steel side by side fridge with drink dispenser in the door. Wow…there is even a blender to put on the counter…talk about realism. If you haven’t experienced Minecraft yet you really need to give it a try. I am playing in creative mode still…trying to learn more of the controls in the game before I venture on to survival mode where mobs of creatures try to kill you. Yikes!

Thanks for check out my latest blog folks…now back to Minecraft.  =)