O.K. So 2015 is not ending so hot for me. =(


Yesterday I lost my keys in the snow….somewhere between the mailboxes down the road and our landlords place next door to our house. =( Yup, all my keys…house, car, mailbox, shed and safe key. My stepson, husband and I have dug up all the snowbanks down near the mailboxes. We have taken apart the snowbanks between the landlady’s place and ours where we walked. We also raked their entire driveway since fresh snow has fallen and it is now daylight. Aaarrrgghhhh I am so stressed. Now we have to get all those locks replaced. Although there is no identifying marks on my key ring to point out our name or address my hubby is worried. So replace the locks we will.

We got together with hubby’s son yesterday to exchange Christmas gifts. I got a warm, soft and comfy throw blanket and three Egyptian figurines. Kev got a Darth Vader toaster that prints Star Wars on the side of your toast. and we gave Justin a hard bound sketch book, sketching pencils, pencil case, huge eraser that says Ooops My Bad (he got a chuckle out of that one) lol, and a pencil sharpener. It was a great day other than losing the keys which caused us a lot of grief and kinda took the edge off the day. What really saved the day though was getting our brand new RCs in the mail. I got a  1/10 scale Brushless Hot Rod Monster Truck with Lipo battery and charger. I only had to put 8 AA batteries in the remote and I was good to go. Kev finally got his Kyosho Blizzard FR plow..just released into the market. =) For once he is ahead of the curve. =) We shot our unboxing videos and Kev did a maiden run at night. I am doing my maiden run today during daylight hours. The RCs were Kevin’s Christmas presents to us. I bought us the copies of Minecraft and a crap load of batteries in both AA and AAA.

Must close for now and go shoot some video. Check out my You Tube Channel for all the videos. Thanks for checking in everybody…have a wonderful New Years and be safe. =) May 2016 be