Reflections As I Start The New Year


How is everyone doing with their New Year Resolutions? LOL I have learned not to make them anymore…I just end up breaking them soon after the New Year and then feel bad about myself which is not the point of the exercise is it? Instead I take time to reflect on the year just past and determine what I need to do to this year to improve …without making hard and fast resolutions that I MUST stick to. I guess you could say I am trying to be kinder and gentler with myself.

So this year I have determined that I need to put more time into building my You Tube channel. Finally I am seeing some progress when it comes to making money through You Tube and a definite increase in my subscribers…that is encouraging. Now I feel motivated to make more videos, answer more emails and document everything for my channel be it RCs, cooking, crafts, jewelry making, reviews, whatever I end up doing with my days. I have a variety channel so a little bit of everything works…I mean there is always someone out there on the net looking for answers or videos showing how things work.

I have also been reflecting on my friendships and realize they are an important part of my life. I treasure each and every one of the people I call my friends. Some relationships I have had this past year have had to end…when talking to someone causes too much stress and I have tried to get things talked through with no good progress after a solid effort it is time to walk away for the sake of my own sanity. So I enter 2016 with a clear conscience and feel inner peace with life in general.

I have been looking at the time I spend on social media…which to some extent is part and parcel of building my You Tube channel. You have to be connected to the outside world on the internet in order to get your videos shared around the planet. I am aiming at trying to find and maintain a balance in my life. So much time spent on You Tube production and maintenance, social media (yes, I include Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +) and also my down time be that doing housework or spending time with my husband.

That pretty much sums up how I am feeling and thinking as 2016 begins. We shall see how the year progresses and I will keep talking to you guys so please keep checking back for new postings. Until next time….be good to each other and yourself! =)