YES!!!! A neighbour found my keys yesterday. =)

Excited gif

So yesterday, January 7th 2016 we finally got our door locks replaced on our house. Right after getting them installed our landlord knocks on our back door and introduces us to our neighbor across the street, Pat. He then holds up my keys!!!! Look what I found. =) I was dancing like the gif up there lololol. We are keeping the new locks anyway since the ones we took off the doors were rusted and messing up anyway. Thank you Pat, thank you, thank you, thank you. I now have my safe key and my mail key back too. Would you believe the mini flashlight I got from Best Buy survived a week out in the driveway (where the keys were found). Apparently, I did not find them in the driveway when I raked it because the landlord had parked his SUV right where they were and I could not find them because I had no access to the space under the vehicle.

This is the third day a laptop computer is sitting on my table while I fix it. A woman who knows us from the computer store we ran downtown was waiting in our driveway when we got home to ask if we still fixed computers. We do but not for a living anymore. Her friends laptop was unusable as far as getting into her email, she had pop ups annoying her and several other issues with this thing. So they came to us for help. We are known as honest people who would not dream of taking money and not getting the job done right. =) I am really proud of that fact…there are not a lot of honest people left in this world…especially when it comes to services. Too many seek to rip people off in pursuit of the mighty buck. =(  Well, this laptop has a ton of issues…but I will prevail. To start with it was loaded with viruses, adware, malware and trojans. That is job one…getting it clean and stable then we can work on the email program issue. Oh, I should mention that it has been three days because I had to wait for them to bring me back the power cable the following day after dropping it off since the battery died before I could do much. I will close this blog for now as I need to get back to the laptop. Not to worry though…I will let you know if the patient lives and how everything turns out. =) Wish me luck folks. This one is a head scratcher. LOL