Warning: Rant Below, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!


Okay, so I was watching TV the other night to see a show I had PVR’d and I was left feeling ticked off (I am trying to be polite here and not swear). Trust me on this I was very upset and curses flew from my lips – I was outraged.  This show was the Premiere of a new/ old show – the first episode of a six episode mini series. The show I am referring to is called The X-Files. It is new because they are testing the market to see if it gets enough viewership to warrant going for a full season. When The X Files series  was on years ago, it ran from 1993 to 2002, I was fascinated with it. It was arguably one of my favorites so I was really looking forward to seeing what they did with it now. The original characters were back (and looking older but then don’t we all?) and I had no idea what the content of the show would be now. When the series ended and was not renewed they had sewn up the story lines with only one possible way to revive the series. I won’t go into details in case you haven’t seen it yet. I would hate to spoil it for you. =)

The problem and the reason for this rant is that my PVR only knew to record for a set period. It did not know, nor did I, that a F@*k(%# sports thing was taking over and preempting  The X-Files. So, the first half of the time allotment I spent fast forwarding in 10 second bursts hoping that at any moment the show I wanted to see would start. Nooooo…that couldn’t happen because of a stupid sports game. The show did finally start and I watched hoping against hope that the PVR would record the show and not just the time period it was supposed to be on. It was not to be. =( I got right into the story and was left hanging about halfway through when the recording abruptly ended. Frantically hubby and I searched the guide for a future showing of this same episode to try again. This was not to be either. For some reason it was shown during this time period on a few channels and only then. Since we did not want three or four copies of the same episode we chose the channel we usually watch.  Why? Oh why would you not give us a chance to find it running again even the next day? I could have lived with that.

Here is my issue… sports have their dedicated channels like TSN and the like. I mean that is the whole reason for dedicated sports channels isn’t it? That is where sports should live. Period. I detest when programs run long and overtake a scheduled program’s time slot. This is why sports should be on their own dedicated channels. Run long or on time…I would not care but mess with mainstream TV and screw up life for the rest of us is NOT cool. I could understand if the Emergency Broadcast System roared into life (if that happened I think we would ALL want to hear what it had to say) and killed a show on me but sports? Grrrrrr I am still ticked off. Now I know the sport enthusiasts out there are going to be all up in arms about what I have to say but that folks is the beauty of Free Speech – I have a right to my opinion too. I am not, nor have I ever been, into sports either playing or just watching.

We were able to sit there and watch the second episode while it was recording thank goodness. There were other things we needed to be doing then but after the fiasco of trying to record the first episode life went on hold and we sat there on the couch to watch. I like this revamp so far..I think it has possibilities for going somewhere. Wish me luck on catching the third, fourth, fifth and sixth episodes. If it doesn’t get picked up then I guess I will have to be satisfied with that answer but at least I will get to see the remaining four episodes that are scheduled to air, that is if there aren’t any more sports screw ups to deal with.

Did any of you reading this watch The X Files? What are your thoughts on the show? Please let me know in the comments and if you are into sports and thought that was a fabulous game that deserved the extra airtime keep the comments civil if you don’t mind. Remember I did not swear, I also explained the rationale for why I feel the way I do so you can see my point. Please give me the same courtesy. Thank you.



6 thoughts on “Warning: Rant Below, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!

    • Oh, I understand alright. LOL my beef is that we shouldn’t have to abandon regular TV. This is one reason I PVR shows…it lets me zip past the commercials without paying a premium price for a streaming service. My position is sports should be on their many dedicated channels where overtime plays and epic championships wouldn’t matter. Thanks for commenting.. I value each and every one I receive.=)


  1. I so understand your frustration, Susan. Perhaps, you can catch it on On Demand. I didn’t follow that series, only viewed a few times. But your rant is funny, because sometimes with TV or recording programs, crazy things happen. Hang in there!


  2. I couldn’t agree more, Susan. There are many, many (dare I say too many!) dedicated sports channels. Sports already hits the entire viewing audience with the time taken up during news broadcasts. I’m good with that – seeing the scores and the highlights. The rest of it should be where sports fans want and should expect to find it – on a sports channel so that the rest of us can see our programs without interruption. I think your rant is very balanced and appropriately expressed. Good on you!

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    • Thanks Karen. =) I appreciate your support. I am still expecting sports fans to have a go at me for dissing their favorite pastime. LOL Meh, like I stated in the post – everyone is entitled to their opinion, even me!


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