Where does the time go?



I was talking about this subject the other day with my sister and just today with my Mom then it occurred to me to write about it here and see what you all think. So far the three of us agree that as you get older time seems to just fly by. It is Monday and then all of a sudden it is Saturday afternoon and you catch yourself wondering where the week went. At least, that is what happens to me and it happens all the time! Please leave me a comment and let me know how time is for you…is there enough of it in a day? Does it seem to stretch on forever or does it fly like my sister, mother and I agree?

When I was growing up I remember time seemed to stand still for the most part. It took forever to get out of school for the summer. It took so long until Christmas got here or your birthday. These days time is just a blur. We just had Christmas and New Years Day didn’t we? Well, it is now closing in on the first weekend of February. A whole month and a bit have just bulleted by and now it is tax time (at least here in Canada). Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for winter zipping by and welcoming a long leisurely summer I have never really cared for winter anyway. When I was growing up I remember aching to be older then I could do things; get a driver’s license, get a job, stay home alone and not need a babysitter, that sort of stuff. What was I thinking? I would give anything to have a do-over. I would enjoy the time I spent as a child and young adult a lot more. I would not be in such a hurry for all the responsibilities and worries associated with adulthood.

Watching your children grow is where it starts to speed up I think. Once it gets going it just doesn’t stop, either. Before you know it they are no longer newborns and BOOM toddlerhood hits. You just get used to them being mobile and turning into fascinating little people in their own right and BOOM they start school. The years peel by in a quick hurry and then BOOM you are attending their graduation first from public school and then from high school. You get the idea…right?

I am sitting here writing this on my computer and thinking about my two sons who are turning 31 and 33 this year. I have a grandson from my eldest son and his wife that is now almost one and a half years old. Where has the time gone? Thinking about all this gets me thinking about how old I am and how many possible years I have left. I am not trying to be morbid here but it is something to seriously consider. Have I done what I wanted to with my life? Have I learned and experienced everything I had on my grand list that I compiled when I was younger and was envisioning what my life would look like? Well, I am now 54, not old in a lot of ways but certainly not a spring chicken either. I guess I had better make time count now like I should have been doing all along, instead of wishing it away wanting to be older. Where do you stand with all this? Have you been thinking and feeling the same way about time or have I, just now, started you thinking about it?

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