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Do you have a favorite author? Ever since I found Stephen King’s books I have one! I don’t know what it is exactly that draws me to his books…perhaps it is his voice. It really doesn’t matter what the story is because it is the way he tells it. I do have a wide range of taste when it comes to books and reading material. I like biographies, medical texts, news, fiction, non-fiction…all of it. When it comes to favorite authors, however, there is only one for me. Some Stephen King aficionados refer to him as Sai King as a way to show utter respect for his talents. I just refer to him by name…I am what he terms a Constant Reader. I love how he puts messages in the back of most of his books to all of us constant readers. It makes me feel great knowing that there are things he wants to say to me.

Currently, I am reading IT – a great tome of a book. The pages number just over one thousand, in fact, I think that number is eleven hundred and thirty-eight. I am down to the last thirty or so pages. It was, and is, another great book by the master storyteller. The genre Stephen writes in is horror and IT is a “clown” that lives in the sewers and messes with people of the town. This creature is a shape shifter and can present himself (itself?) to people as anything it chooses. It can blend in and seem totally normal if it is trying to lure you in or if it has you in it’s sights it can appear as whatever scares you most. There are seven children who take it on and manage to scare It away by hurting it. After something like thirty years later when they are grown adults with separate lives living all over the United States It draws them back to their hometown meaning to take them on again and exact It’s revenge. I won’t go into further detail then that in case you would like to pick it up and read it for yourself.

After I am done with this book I will be embarking on a book my sister bought me for Christmas. Make Me by Lee Child which is his newest title. I am eager to read this book but since I was already well into the Stephen King book I had to wait until I was finished. I am not one that can read several books all at the same time. It is too hard for me to keep plots and characters separate. Lee Child is another author that can grab you by the imagination and refuse to let you go until you are finished the last page. I have read one other Lee Child book entitled Killing Floor, also bought for me by my sister. This author I could really get into too. I now have two of his books and must collect more. There is nowhere near the history I have with Stephen King but I can see Lee Child growing on me to that extent some years down the road. He is good at portraying Jack Reacher the main character of these novels. You get to really feel for Jack and what he goes through. I like Lee Child’s style. Well, on that note I am off to bed to read the last of It. I read just before sleep in order to wind down and make my eyes tired enough to close since my mind refuses to come out of overdrive. I wrote a post about that. LOL Good night all, sleep well and pick up a book. It is good for the soul and the mind. =)


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    • Thanks, Mitch. Stephen King is an excellent author and I think if you read one of his books you will be hooked. He has a way of telling a story so that you are sucked in and keep turning the pages to find out where the story goes. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my work. I appreciate it so much. If you do start reading Stephen King I would love it if you would drop me a line and let me know which of his books you chose. =)


      • You’re welcome, Susan. Stephen King’s genre’s usually not my usual reads. But I would love to try now. Do you have a book of his that you can recommend? I will have to hunt down the bookstores next weekend. πŸ™‚


      • Hi Mitch, I am a huge fan of Stephen King’s writing as you can tell so I like most of his work although I cannot get into The Dark Tower series for some reason. I have tried many times but I struggle to stay engaged with the books. For someone just starting to read his books, I would suggest Duma Key as I think that story will pull you into it and keep you reading. If you prefer to sample some of his short stories so you can ‘test the waters’ so to speak you might try Night Shift which contains some great ones notably Trucks and Quitters, Inc. I am glad you are willing to give him a go. Please let me know how you like it. =) If you can get access to used bookstores sometimes you can find a gem or two of his hiding on the shelves and if you find you do not care for his particular brand of writing it lessens the sting of paying for a brand new copy. Just a suggestion. Happy reading!


      • Oh. The short stories sound good. I might give that one a try first. And used bookstores is a great idea. I’m bound to find a copy of his books there. Thanks a lot, Susan. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think. πŸ™‚


    • I agree…The Stand is one of King’s epic and iconic works. I have seen the movie and own the book, the original unabridged version. In fact, I have bookshelves with a lot of Stephen King’s books on them. There are many more books of his I want to collect but that will take time. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. =) I do appreciate it.

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