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Hi folks, I would like to offer my apology first. It has been some 10 days since my last blog post and that is far too long in between posts. I was aiming to have a new blog post up every few days or so. I really would like to get to the stage where I can write a post every day but frankly, I have a lot of balls I am trying to keep up in the air beside this blog that I have started and am thoroughly enjoying (a YouTube channel I am trying to build, housework, other commitments and getting back into sketching and artwork). All of this, of course, takes time and oops…the blog ball dropped and so has the artwork one. I just wanted to come right out and tell you that I do appreciate the follows and the comments and I am taking this seriously. My main goal is to work hard at keeping to some sort of a schedule so you can better predict when I will have a new post ready for you to read. So, my profound apologies for dropping the ball and I will strive to do better.Thank you for bearing with me while I sort out how to make all of this work together.

I wanted to get that out of the way before I start in on my blog today suggested by the daily prompt which is: Five Items  A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

There is no direction on how long I would be stuck on this deserted island in the prompt so given that my five items would be a Stephen King book (Under The Dome which is 1074 pages OR It which is 1138 pages) one of those should keep me occupied for quite a while. My second item would be a huge tube of sunscreen because I would not want to be fried to a crisp by the time I am rescued. I want to be healthy as can be but with a wonderful tan. My third item would be a case of survival rations like the armed forces use. They will sustain life until I am rescued and all I would have to worry about would be finding or creating shelter and fire. Speaking of fire that would be my fourth item…a lighter so I wouldn’t have to struggle with the whole Boy Scout stick and friction way of starting a fire. My fifth and final item would be a suitcase of clothes (that counts as one item, right?) so that I would have something clean to put on each day and this gives me time to clean the clothes already worn by beating them on a rock at the shore. I know I have not accounted for hygiene items such as soap or toothpaste but hey, I am only allowed five items. Maybe I could smuggle some of those in my suitcase while I was packing my clothes. Besides, this is a deserted island and there would not be anyone by myself to have to deal with the stench and even that could be dealt with if I swam a lot. Of course, this all depends on the presence of things like sharks. LOL

Really, with all things considered this could be sort of a vacation for me. No phones to answer, no housework to speak of besides sweeping the floor of my shelter with a palm frond or something similar. I would have to learn how to create pots and dishes using coconut shells, read my book, eat my rations, clean my clothes and swim. The only real downside I could see to this whole situation would be the lack of internet and computer on this island. Oh, and any possible wild animals that lived there naturally that might want to eat me or cause me great harm. That would suck too. Okay, is there a way off this island? Have you seen Gilligan, The Skipper or MaryAnne? How about Ginger, The  Professor or the Howells? Oh…it is just me huh? Fine, I will make do then with what I have brought to the island. Please keep your eyes on the sky for the smoke signals I will be sending, thanks. If you could send a boat or helicopter my way it would really be appreciated. Bye, then, I will see you later. Try not to be too jealous of my tan I know it is snowy and cold out there.Now where did I put that book?

Thank you for reading my post today. I do appreciate it. If you would be so kind, leave me a note in the comment section what your five items would be. That would be so interesting to see what others would pack. I might even have to revise my list if you come up with some better ones than I have thought of. =)


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  1. One story a month is all I can do, for it drains my memory–and I have to do some research. I try for a mini-post a week, something “academic” to keep me fresh. Being retired does NOT give more time to do stuff. That is an illusory concept/assumption. The days go faster–and sleeping longer does not happen. (Cats take care of that.) A schedule is good, but rigidity and pressure make me depressed and “suicidal” (I have medication). I have magazines piled that I have not attended to. Then I have my love of movies. Then my Kindle books which I have five or six going at once. And then the doctor visits. And, bestest of all, the happy stuff, like writing this to you. “Don’t worry. Be happy.”


    • Thank you so much for your reply, James. =) I understand what you are saying about having a schedule but not being too rigid or putting pressure on myself as you don’t do that yourself. I too am on medication and have a cat. LOL =) Thank you also for explaining how you’re working with your blog, it really does help seeing how others juggle this thing called life and a blog at the same time. I love movies too and do a lot of reading but only one book at a time, otherwise, I can not keep track of the plots and characters properly. I prefer to read books in true form, hardcover or paperback, but I do read using an app on my cell phone as well. This is handy for times when I am waiting in line or at the doctor’s office. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Have a great day! =)

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  2. One way to tackle this effort is to schedule your posts. This way I am able to do two or three posts in one day. This allows me to be at least a week or two ahead of schedule.


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