Summer Seems So Far Away Still


This post is in response to today’s daily prompt. Longing  That’s it, one word that we are supposed to generate a new post from. The one thing I long for is also one word long,  Summer. This winter has been brutal for us here in Northern Ontario, Canada. In the past week alone we have had four dumpings of a significant amount of snow along with a few minor amounts. The result of all this is snow banks that tower over my head and make my back ache when I need to shovel even more snow up on top of them. Sometimes I manage to fling a shovel load up there only to have it tumble back down the slope and land right where I had just scooped it from. The skies are overcast and gray  making the wind that howls even worse. There have also been some snappy days with windchill values of -40 degrees celsius. Here is a picture of my back steps and deck on just one of those days when I woke up to the second major dump of snow.

Winter Storm February 25 2016 North Bay Ontario

Now, imagine that happening again and again and again. Winter and I just don’t get along, especially these kinds of winters. The milder ones with less snowfall I somehow manage to survive without too many complaints. This year that is so not the case. I am so tired and sore this year and dream of the hot hazy days of summer when I don’t need to bundle up in layers of clothes and always needing to keep my puffer handy in case the cold triggers an asthma attack. There have been a few of those this winter too.

I look forward to going in and out of my house without worrying about frozen locks or if the stairs are clear. I want to head to the beach down the road and swim in the nice cool water of Trout Lake. I have been losing weight too and want to see how my bikini fits this year. I yearn for sunny days on the back deck sitting around the patio table with good friends and cold beers. Then there are also the summer nights when my husband and I sit out there looking up at the starry skies and watch for lights and movement to determine if they are airplanes or maybe some alien visitors. Yes, I know there are bugs then too but we take precautions with Raid and Muskoll spray and Citronella candles. Bugs can be dealt with and I consider it a minor price to pay for all the positives in summer’s favor.

I would love to hear in the comment section if you are a summer person too or if you like all this white stuff because you go skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing. Hmm, surprisingly a one-word prompt was enough to unleash this diatribe against winter and all things snowy from me. When I first read the Daily Prompt I thought it would be harder than it was to create a post from it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my post once again folks.I do appreciate it and would love it if you would leave a comment to let me know that you were here. Now it is time to get to the dishes and dream about summer while I clean them. It is bitter cold out there again today, -30 degrees Celsius I think, and I am hibernating inside. Come on summer, can’t you hurry along a little faster?


4 thoughts on “Summer Seems So Far Away Still

  1. I’m with you…I love spring, because it is a fresh start, new beginnings and I love to watch the tree buds grow into leaves, flowers bloom, the grass begin to green and the fresh spring air. AND I love summer, I love to be outside hiking, biking, walking enjoying the sunshine. I hope your snow melts very soon! Love and hugs:)


    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I love hearing what the people who read my blog posts think and what their opinions are. It is good to know I have someone else out there that really appreciates the nice weather we get in spring and summer most of all. I like to do all that same stuff too. We are getting warmer temperatures this coming week so I think the thaw will begin soon and spring truly is right around the corner. I am crossing my fingers. Love and hugs back! =)

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  2. I am more of a fall person. I like the fact that the leaves are turning. And there is all that color. (Course living in Florida you don’t get much of that.) It’s a time to reflect on your year so far and think about getting ready for the winter. It’s a time when things in a lot of ways seem to be winding down and I like the word autumn more than fall.


    • Thank you for sharing what your favorite season is and for stopping by my blog to read my latest thoughts. =) I can see why you would like all the color changes (we get lots of that here in northern Ontario Canada) and the whole winding down and reflecting on the year so far. I also prefer the word autumn to fall. The word fall connotes a crash of some sort…as in I fall off the ledge. 😉 I appreciate learning what people who read my blog like too.

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