How Do You Do? My Name Is Susan

Susan in neon

Today’s blog post is in response to a daily prompt from February 8th, 2016. I went searching through the daily prompts for something interesting to write about and came across this one.

Say Your Name  Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself? 

It has been interesting living life as Susan especially now that I am older. When I was young and in school it was a different story. Kids in the school yard would bully me making squealing noises behind me and yelling “suey, suey, here piggy pig pig”. Then there were/are the people upon meeting me immediately refer to me as Sue. I’m sorry, but you don’t know me well enough to shorten my name down and be so casual about it. Don’t even get me started on the ones that call me Suzanne. There is a clinician at the lab I go to for blood tests, every three months for my Type 2 Diabetes, that calls me from the waiting room as Suzanne without fail even though I have corrected her multiple times. She claims it is because that is her sister’s name. It just drives me batty when people can’t be bothered to pay attention and use my name properly…it is five simple letters people!

As far as I know I was not named after anyone in particular. The exception to the people who refer to me as anything other than Susan is my Mother and Sister. Mom calls me Sue and I’m okay with that although that name out of almost anyone else’s mouth would have me seeing red (my favorite color too by the way.) When Mom calls me Sue I can hear the love in her voice and I know we are in a good place. Like they say, when your parent calls you by your full proper name you know you are in trouble. Mom calls me Sue, I love her and I love that. My sister, again a special case, calls me Spoo. That term of endearment has been going on for years. Even when we were kids this was the case…I suppose it was when she tried to call me Sue and it came out as Spoo and it kind of stuck. I love it! That kind of a thing was flukey to happen and now it is something we share that brings me back to childhood when I used to share a room with her. In fact, I remember giving her an ID bracelet with Karen on the top of it and love Spoo engraved on the opposite side.  It gives me a comforting, warm and  belonging type of feeling even when I receive an email from her that begins Hey Spoo. Of course, my husband Kevin refers to me as Sue and that is completely fine with me too.

In school, there was another student in my high school Spanish class named Susan and our birthdays were on the same day!  The teacher requested we each choose another name to be used in Spanish class so that when calling on us it would be simpler than sorting out the confusion every time. “No, I meant You…not You” So for a semester I was Sarah in Spanish class and Susan in the rest of my classes, talk about confusing! Now that I am older and no longer in school I prefer to be called Susan by the professionals I deal with like my dentist, doctor and various nurses and receptionists as well as everyone else I meet in my daily life.

If I had the choice would I rename myself? Hmm, years and years ago I considered it and was thinking of changing it to Nikki with Hope as a middle name but that was when I was going through a lot in my life and I think it was my way of escaping that turmoil. I never went through with it even though there were forms I could fill out and a fee to pay. It was more like something to daydream about and let me feel stress-free for a bit. I was a single parent with two sons and, like I said, dealing with a lot of turmoil. Looking back now I am glad I didn’t go for a new name. I have been able to reconnect with my family after years of silence and misunderstandings (from my end that is) and I am so happy. I was able to make peace with my Dad before he passed away almost three years ago now. I still talk to my Mom and my Sister regularly by phone since we live miles apart and I am not sure that would be the way it is if I had changed my name all those years ago. I might have gotten bullheaded and kept going my separate way with a name change to reinforce that decision. Instead, I started talking to them and opening up to let them in again. I am so glad I did. Mom and Karen if you are reading this ( and I know you are because you support me in everything that I do) please know that I love both of you and I treasure my name (Susan, Sue and Spoo) now and the bond that links us together.





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  1. I wanted to be Sarah for a short time, but I love my name…the name we share Susan! I have evolved over the years with different versions, Susan, Sue, Susie, Suzy Q, Suz, Sooooozin, and Suzer. I love any version of it. Our name means lilies, that is simply beautiful! Love and hugs to you my friend “Susan”

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    • Thanks for reading my post and for your great reply. LOL, I totally forgot that I was once referred to as Suzy Q, as well, way back in the day. Lilies as a meaning for our name is beautiful. I never knew that! It means a lot that a fellow Susan responded to my post and thanks for telling me your history with the name. =) I also appreciate that you called me Susan after reading what I wrote. 😉 Love and hugs back to you, my friend. =)

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