Moving On


moving on pic

Today’s blog post is in response to the March 4 th 2016 one word daily prompt. The word is Inevitable

I thought this was another great one word prompt because it could mean so many things that are inevitable. Like the pictures above moving is inevitable, it is very rare these days, heck I would even say impossible, to find anyone who is still living in their childhood home well into their senior years. There is always moving in some form or another. You move out when you go to college or university, you move out when you get married and move in with your new spouse. You move on from one relationship to another. You change jobs because the company downsized or you got fired for being lousy at the job. We get old…everybody does. Not one of us is going to make it out of this alive. Birth, life, death – the cycle of life. All these things and more are inevitable.

Right when we think we have it all figured out, boom, it happens…the inevitable. Much like the pictures up there, on the left is how we see our life going and on the right is often how it really goes. The way I see it life is made up of a lot of hellos and goodbyes. We can’t stay the same in the same place doing the same thing all the time – change is inevitable. Everyone we interact with changes us just a little bit by what they said to us, what they did or how they acted. These things all contribute to the change in us and we can’t help it. There is no way to stop it from happening.

Even the seasons changing work the same way spring, summer, autumn, winter and around again. Time passes, that is inevitable too, it stands still for no one. It is all around us and within us. Certain things are not in our control and will have their way regardless of what we think or feel about the matter.

I wonder, is our destiny inevitable? Do we have any way to influence what direction that will take? I think we do by being mindful of our choices in this life. Some things we have no choice on like aging but I think we can choose other things like what college or university, what our career path looks like, who we marry and how many children we have (if we choose to have any that is) and so on. All of this will  help to shape our destiny, where we end up and what we accomplish in this life. We may be destined to touch a lot of people’s lives or invent something great that will help our fellow man/woman but how we go about doing that (how we get there) I think is up to us.

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