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Today’s post is inspired by the one word prompt for March 11th, 2016, from The Daily Prompt and that word is Flow .

Now to me, the word flow makes me think of the expression “going with the flow”.  In other words not trying to control every tiny little detail but instead taking it easy and just going with the flow of what is happening. Personally, I have been trying to do just that lately since stressing out and clinging to every tiny detail is driving me around the bend. I am told that if I just go with the flow life will become easier and less stressful. I am truly trying to learn how to do that and, let me tell you, it is not that easy when you are a perfectionist. I am however discovering as I get older that life has a way of making things work out in the long run. Things will go as they are meant to and usually for the better if you can relax into it enough to see the bright side or the lesson when things don’t go exactly as you would have them go. I have adopted the practice of telling myself when something I wanted has been denied me that there was a reason I wasn’t to have it. I am finding that usually there is a reason, either something better is right around the corner or there was a hidden problem with it and it would have been nothing but grief, both very good reasons to not have that right now. So instead of agonizing or wasting time worrying how I am going to manipulate things so that I can control how things are going to go I am trying to just let go. Life is, indeed, getting easier and less stressful when I manage to do that.

I have also noticed that life flows from one moment to the next quite nicely on its own. It is natural to watch the hours turn into days and days into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Time manages to do that all on its own with no help from us. There is no way to control the flow of time and so we don’t even bother trying. I think there is a lesson in that if we can just get our minds around that whole concept. The problems I have happens when it comes to things I can control. The question is… just because I can control it, should I? I mean, does the universe have something better in mind for me if I let things just happen instead of stubbornly doing things my way? Am I possibly missing out on some great stuff that would have come along had I not controlled things?

It is in human nature, I think, to want to control details of our lives. Not having a say in what happens feels kind of like a freefall and that is scary because we face the unknown. There is a beauty in that at the same time…the freefall can literally set us free. It is like giving up the driver’s seat and becoming a passenger. As the driver, you must concentrate on the road and the rules of the road, the responsibility for your passengers lives and the lives of those on the road around you. As the passenger, you are free to look out the window not caring how you get to where you are going but just trusting that you will be taken there. While looking out that window you can watch things flow by and catch glimpses of beautiful scenes as they pass by. You don’t need to have a care in the world and just accept things as they happen. I am trying to be a passenger because frankly I am getting a little weary of driving on this road called life. Any long distance driver will tell you that fatigue kills, sometimes you need another driver to spell you behind the wheel so you can sit back and be the passenger for a bit. You will still get there but you will enjoy the ride a lot more.

Thanks again for dropping by my blog to see what’s new my friends. Tell me in the comments, please, do you go with the flow? How is that working out for you if you do?



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