Screen, Screen…Everywhere A Screen!

Today’s post is thanks to the inspiration found on The Daily Prompt for March 3rd, 2016. The one-word prompt is Screen .

It is a sad fact that today there are more screens than ever competing for our attention. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone, a computer, a Smart TV, a tablet computer, eReader or something that turns on and captivates us for hours at a time. I personally have a smartphone and a computer. I used to own a tablet too but got rid of it because after using my high powered smartphone and computer going back to the tablet felt like I was walking in molasses. I am guilty of being one of those people staring at a screen for much of the day. Doing what I do it is kind of a part of the job…I have a YouTube channel which is where? On the net, of course…as a result, I must sit at my computer to first edit then upload my videos to the servers at YouTube. Then it is on to my overflowing email inbox where I answer responses from people who watch my videos and watch videos of people I am subscribed to, comment on their videos and reply to their responses. It never seems to end some days. I am again at my computer when I write my blog posts and respond to those who comment on my posts and read other people’s blogs where I also post responses to their work. I have a Facebook account and many other social media accounts to keep up with and share my work with. When I am outside shooting videos for my YouTube channel I am staring at yet another screen, this one on the digital camera to make sure my subject stays in frame.

When I first got my cell phone I must admit that I was fascinated with it, looking over all the features and setting things up to look and act just how I want them to. It was a novelty and my face was always in the phone. That has finally worn off and it has become the tool it was meant to be for phone calls to my Mom, Sister and Friends. I text on it the odd time, I check my emails and my YouTube account when I am away from my computer and the house. I keep my schedule on it as well to keep track of appointments and various reminders to do things. Again, I have books on it and they come in handy when I have to kill some time in waiting rooms or long lineups. My husband has his own cell phone and they are the only connection we have with the outside world besides our computers. There is no landline in this house anymore…we prefer cell phones that travel with us whenever we leave the house.

Of course there is my off time to consider next when I do what? Watch TV of course! There are certain television shows that I watch regularly. The Young And The Restless, which I have been watching for 40 years, then there is Flash, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow, Scorpion and Big Bang Theory. At night when I finally get to bed I usually read a book on my cell phone so that I don’t disturb my husband with bright lights in the dark room. All the health officials say that in order to get a good night’s sleep you must turn off all devices a good 3 hours before bedtime in order for your body to be able to produce melatonin that then sends you off into dreamland. I have a weird sleep schedule that I have gotten used to. I have always been more of a night owl than a morning lark anyway. I find I am more alert and productive later in the day which is any time after noon. Meh, this schedule works for me for the most part.

Okay, time to tackle the big question, is it really necessary to be this plugged in to all our electronic devices? My answer is…it depends. It depends on what you do for a job, it depends on what constraints are on your time ie. how fast you need information. It depends on what you like to do. I personally find the internet one of the greatest resources for information and entertainment. When I was growing up we had to go to the library and look up books in a card catalogue then go find the books on the shelves (if they were there and someone else hadn’t already checked it out and taken it home) and look in them for the answer to our questions or to read a story for entertainment. Books were often out of date with their knowledge given that they were printed years earlier. That is another advantage to the internet, it can be updated in real time as new things are discovered…books not so much. Sure there was TV back then but there were nowhere near as many channels or shows so we did watch TV but not to the extent we do these days. In a way I miss how it used to be, the simplicity of it and that ability to really connect with people around me. That is in stark contrast to how it is today. I can talk to people much farther away and make new friends. It was a different time and that is okay, so is this a different time. I would hate for things to always stay the same anyway.

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