About To Erupt

This is the last of the three poems that I wrote long ago. This one has a volcano theme. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. If you enjoyed this poem please consider leaving a like. =)


There’s so much pain inside

It’s inside me and there’s nowhere to hide

Slowly it oozes toward the surface

It takes many forms but still no one sees

The hurt inside me goes on… unending

Let’s face it, tears come for many reasons

It’s just someone having a bad day, others say


Pressure builds like lava from my core

Nowhere to vent this intense pain safely

It burns inside me and I’m scared of it scalding anyone else

Come on, they coax, talk to me

But my tears burst forth to talk first

I’m embarrassed, oh, there she goes crying again!


So, I blow my nose and put a tissue to my eyes

I begin to talk – very small talk, a test

Yes, we’ve established eye contact

Sometimes I’m not sure that’s good

But, if they don’t understand I want to remember

The face that shuts my truth out

I have no interest in being shunned again and again


I have true friends that understand and for them I am grateful

The agony of it all is how can I burden them further?

I can’t tell them everything- so I am still alone

About to erupt…


Written by and Copyright owned by Susan Millard, March 2016