By: James F. O’Neil “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”  –Francis Bacon Instead of math genes, I received an inordinate number of right-handed-ness-…



4 thoughts on “RULE(R)S FOR WRITING

  1. Thank you for choosing to present one of my favorite stories/memoir-ish tales. I still do get those “You-have-such-nice-handwriting” comments. And, I say, “Thanks.” No complaining there. Thank you for sharing with our colleagues.


    • I really liked this post of yours and figured it needed to get pressed to gain more attention. I wanted to comment on the post itself and could not for the life of me find the area where I could do that. What I wanted to say about it is that I too remember school just as you described. I remember having to practise making continuous interlocking loops to get the size and flow right when writing. I think cursive writing is a dead or dying art now that computers and cell phones have taken over and finger dexterity is now directed at typing rather than writing. My son had an English teacher in school that was not concerned with handwriting. He explained to me that he did not want to stop the flow of ideas by correcting my son on his writing. He preferred my son get his thoughts on paper and worry about proper cursive later. To demonstrate how ludicrous his theory was I asked my son to read his last assignment to his teacher and he could not read it. I simply looked at the teacher and asked him where my sons ideas were now that he couldn’t read them. Needless to say, he got my point. Thank you for this wonderful post that brought back great memories of school days for me. =)

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      • I know what happened: my settings do not allow comments on postings for over a certain number of days. I increase it to 369 days. I am not sure how high it should be set for.

        I went to the Crazy Day Site. I have had my crazy moments. I shall become a crazy guy!


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