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Oh, how I love it when spring finally rolls around. Gone are the blah white lawns and dirty snowbanks of winter when the rains come and the grass starts to show. Sure it is a little yellowy brown at first but the hope is there that once the rains abate things will start to dry out and become the lush green they were meant to be. I start to dream about gardening and what I am going to plant this year. For example, this year I will be putting in a vegetable garden. I have wanted to do that for the past two years but something always came along to make it impossible to get done in time for the first plantings. By the time it is possible it is too late in the season and there is no point in planting late when there is no hope of it growing before the cold and snow claim the ground once again. This year I am determined to get a garden going that I can tend over the wonderful days filled with sunshine and the welcome days filled with rain as this means I won’t have to stand out there with a hose watering my plants. I don’t even mind weeding because I love feeling grounded and getting my hands into the earth. It is a very calming and peaceful task that allows my mind to wander while my hands seem to pluck the weeds almost independent of whatever my thought process is at that moment.

I am planning to put in a beautiful flower bed along the side of the house as well. I love seeing the splash of color against the cement parging that coats the lower level of the house we rent. It is so nice to drive up the driveway and be greeted by beautiful looking and smelling flowers. Besides, have you heard about the problem with the bee population dying? I want to do my bit and give them the option of flowers to visit that do not contain pesticides. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a great respect for the bees and would not dream of going near one on purpose but I do love honey and peanut butter sandwiches and for the honey you need bees.

I have a huge ceramic flower pot that I was able to get late last fall that I am dying to fill with earth and festoon with masses of bright colorful flowers that spill over the top to create a wonderful welcome for visitors at our front door. I am thinking something with a bright pink petal maybe or a vibrant yellow that will look good not only during the day but also well into dusk.

Flowers and vegetables will keep me busy weeding, watering and harvesting all season long. It will get me outside more to enjoy the clean air and connect with nature. I will feel good knowing that I am helping the bees too. Do you plant flowers or vegetable gardens? I would love to hear about your plans for this upcoming spring and summer in the comments. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading what I have to say once again my friends. I do appreciate it. =)


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    • I am so glad they cheered you up. The weather is grey and overcast for us too and I try to surround myself with colors both in my home and even in my clothes. They really do help lift the gloom. =) Here is to lots of color outside for both of us very soon. 😉

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  1. I love Spring too! I’ve just got back from holiday this morning, and as I stepped out of the plane after a 12 hour flight I noticed the crisp Spring-y air and fell in love with life and the outdoors all over again. I love garden colours – pinks and yellows and oranges and vibrant, vibrant greens. Well, I wish you the best of luck with your garden and you must post a picture of it come summertime!

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    • Thank you for your wonderful reply. I love those colors too. I woke up this morning to a fresh covering on the ground of that white stuff. A minor setback but I take comfort in the knowledge that spring will march on and shorts and sandals weather is on the horizon. LOL =) I will definitely post pictures of my gardens in their full glory, thanks for the suggestion. =)

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