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Today’s post is in response to the daily prompt  Handwriting

It is funny that this prompt appeared today. I have been talking to people and commenting on other blogs lately on this very subject. What I think is, it is to the detriment of the generations growing up and to the world that the school system has ceased teaching cursive writing. The written word continues to be my best and truest form of expression…if no one can read it what would be the point? Oh, I know, technology has given us keys to tap on in order to get our thoughts on paper and on screen. That is not the only place words appear, though. What about places like job application forms? What about journals? I still prefer to put my thoughts down on paper the old fashioned way. When I journal I pull out a book made for this purpose (I prefer hard cover although I have used coil bound and soft cover over the years) and a pen to jot down my thoughts. I can immediately lay it aside when done ready for the next time I need to use it. I don’t need to worry about power like I would for a tablet, or phone or computer. I don’t have to worry about it being hacked and leaking all my private thoughts and feelings onto the internet. It is very old school. I could journal even in candle light if I had to.

As for job applications can you imagine the mangled mess some companies receive and what kind of a first impression they create? If this guy/girl can’t write properly can they perform the job they are applying for? Do they have the discipline or training to follow instructions or are they more likely to look for the easy way out as they obviously did when it comes to penmanship? You may scoff but I sincerely believe this to be true. I know this is how I would feel as an employer.

I remember in school, back in the day, having to practise over and over the formation of letters and how to join them. Neatness counted and it still should. I have a great example of how crucial good penmanship is from when my eldest son was in school. His English teacher at the time, Mr. Zeltcahns, told me he did not want to stop the flow of ideas by correcting him on his writing. I asked my son to read back his latest assignment to his teacher and he could not make head nor tails of what he wrote. I simply looked the teacher in the face and asked him where the flow of ideas was now. If he can’t read it they are essentially lost. Mr. Z. finally got my point. It is for this reason, I think, the world is worse off when people of all ages can not write clearly in order to communicate ideas and feelings to themselves and others. Humanity needs communication and to leave a record of advances and progress for generations to come. I shudder to think of a future where that record is only on a screen in an impersonal typeface. Where is the humanity then? There would be no connection to a live person actually doing it. Even computers can write logs and records given the right programming.

These are just my feelings on the subject – I know there are going to be those that disagree and that is fine. My blog is about things from my perspective and if I could mass produce it somehow I would write this out longhand. LOL =) It is by the sheer necessity for publication on the internet that I type these words for the world to see. My first preference is and always shall be the handwritten word. Thanks for visiting my blog and I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject in the comments. =)


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  1. I have this really neat plastic-thingy from Staples that holds the 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of ruled paper with my handwritten scribbled notes or rough drafts of practically all my work that I translate into the magic of the printed WORD 10. I hardly ever compose with the keyboard, as I am doing now. With a Uni-Ball Signo or with one of my favorite Cross pens, I can draw arrows, cross out, number, delete, write side notes, and do other fun stuff that I am not knowing enough to do with word processing. Others will disagree. But how sensuous it is to feel the pen–and see the words flow onto that piece of paper, no matter what kind, no matter for what purpose. “Get milk!” “Pick up the kids after school!” “We need eggs.” “Susan, Can we meet for a cup of coffee at Marty’s this afternoon? Jim”

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    • Amazing! I totally agree with you about how it feels to write with a pen and see the words flow from it’s tip. Everything else you mentioned about writing is spot on too. LOL, I would love to meet for a cup of coffee but who’s Marty? =) I get the reference to what I said about your blog in my acceptance blog for the Liebster Award. 😉

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