Winter Refuses To Leave!


“Okay winter, I have had quite enough of you for the season. It is time for you to leave already!” Seriously, I am SO done with this. I want the temperatures to warm back up and the snow to GO AWAY. Every year we go through this it seems…every year I rail against the injustice of it all and every year the weather just doesn’t give a damn.

Why are the letters red, you ask? They are red because I am seeing red. Our snow was just about gone only two days ago. We had mostly bare roads there were smallish piles of snow clinging to the base of trees and in the shade of buildings but everywhere else it was gone. At one point the temperatures were warm enough to have the snow melting and running down our road in rivulets.  

Alright, I have calmed down a bit so I will return the text to normal. I am done ranting at the storm…for now.  The date is April 7th, 2016 and northern Ontario, here in Canada, is being slammed with snow. It has been snowing for a day so far and we must have 15 centimeters on the ground now. Wait, it is not done yet…the forecasters tell us to expect the snow to continue tonight overnight and into tomorrow. They tell us there are another 10 cms coming down overnight then 10-15 cms tomorrow and 2-4 cms tomorrow night. If we get the maximum they are predicting (and we will here on the mountain – we always get it worse than in the city) that will be 45 cms or   17.7165 inches for those of you who still use the Imperial standard of measurement. Yikes!

I shouldn’t be surprised at the weather, I really shouldn’t. We have seen a minor dumping of snow in May before, that’s right I said May, and we did have a late start to the winter. We had a green Christmas in 2015 but hoo boy are we paying for it now.

We were out on the roads today running errands and nearly wiped out several times. The most notable heart stopping moment was when we pulled into the dentist’s parking lot and nearly kissed the rear end of a parked car with the nose of ours. The brakes were firmly on the floor and yet our car continued on its forward path. There was serious rear end swinging events in the WalMart parking lot as well. I was so relieved to make it home in one piece… just like our car.


This was the stairs up to our back deck. Every stair was this deep in snow and when I reached the deck at the top of those 12 stairs I found this. The total depth of the snow was up just above my knee!


How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Do you have winter still even though the calendar clearly says it is supposed to be spring? We have a friend in Australia who gloats that he is so warm he is sweating and can’t handle having a top on. That is just cruel rubbing it in our face like that. We also have friends who went to Cuba during the blizzard that visited us in February this year. We were left to dig out time after time while they relaxed on the beach in the warm sunshine. In fact, we have another friend who is in Cuba at this very moment. He is probably flexing his toes in the warm sand and thinking about going snorkelling. Okay, now I am seeing green (as in the jealousy and envy shade of green) so perhaps I should end this blog and start thinking about something else.

Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are. Try to stay warm and dry…take care of yourselves. I am thinking of hibernating until this crap is over with. Summer where are you? I miss you!


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