An Open Window Look At Life


This post is in response to the One Word Daily Prompt from March 20th.

That word is Window .

Spring is finally here, at least according to the calendar…it is a pity no one thought to inform Mother Nature. She is still throwing the odd snow shower and freezing cold spell our way. Eventually, I have hope, that it will warm up and we can once again open the windows and let the fresh air in. When they are open we will hear the birds wake us each new morning and the rushing creek that lulls us to sleep each evening. I love living here in the city where I have an urban address and yet when I go outside I see and feel a country atmosphere. There are woods that hem the property in right after the backyard ends and when sitting on our back deck during the hot hazy days of summer you would swear you are miles from anyone.

When I saw this prompt these are the images I immediately thought of but then I also got thinking about life. That too can be seen through a closed or open window. If the window is closed you are basically going through life with what you have at hand, doing what you always do and feeling how you always feel. You are trapped in there with stale air as it were. Living inside where it is relatively safe but also boring and predictable.

I prefer to look at life through an open window. The fresh air comes flowing in bringing with it the sounds of nature. You can hear sounds of people walking by on the road, cars, and neighbours busy with lawnmowers cutting their grass. I see this as interacting with and having access to people and things outside ourselves. Fresh air and fresh experiences beckoning us to come join them out in the sunshine…pulling us out of our routine and boredom. Sometimes it is good for the soul to stretch beyond our comfort zone.

Now where did I put that paper towel and glass cleaner? It has been a long stuffy winter, I for one am ready to clean the windows inside and out and just as soon as the weather warms up enough I am going to open those windows again and rejoin life.


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