Shelf: A handy way to organize things.


Today’s blog is inspired by the daily prompt from March 17th this year: Shelf

When I think of a shelf I automatically think of a BOOK shelf due to my fondness for books. Of course, there are other types of shelves in different places to hold different things. It is a way to organize things that you collect and use so that they are handy at a moments notice. You can grab a book off the shelf to read when you want to be entertained or look up some information. You can pick up an item off of a grocery store shelf when you are hungry or when you simply need to restock your cupboards at home. Each shelf performs a function when it comes to arranging things that we collect. These are but two examples, there are also shelves that hold and display collections of other things like fancy plates, salt and pepper shakers or thimbles. I suppose the thimble shelves would be quite tiny in scale by comparison to the other shelves I am discussing today. The list does not stop there either…not by any means.

I will tell you mainly about the shelves that I have and those I have used. As I was mentioning, the first place my mind goes when I hear the word shelf is my numerous bookshelves. I have quite a few books and they reside in the different bookcases I have in my bedroom. I tend to sort by author although not alphabetically by title. There are several shelves dedicated to my favorite author, Stephen King (I wrote a blog post about him not long ago). I have a new author I am following by the name of Lee Child. I now own two of his novels but I can see this collection growing when the chance presents itself. I enjoy his stories and the main character named Jack Reacher whose exploits you can follow through the series of books Lee Child writes. I have read Killing Floor and Make Me so far but I can see the need to either clear a shelf for his works in the future or buy another bookcase. Then there are the shelves that contain my medical books and those are mainly a reference resource. The titles cover a broad range of ailments, there is one on different kinds of drugs and one on Home Medical Encyclopedia, that one is in two volumes, with which I can look up symptoms and get an idea of where to go for further information. I have one on the female human body which is dedicated to things unique to us women including but not limited to things like reproductive organs, mammary glands etc. The bookmark in that one currently sits marking the chapter on Menopause. Ugh….I am learning about that topic first hand and this book is quite handy for looking things up to see if they are normal or not. LOL

The other shelves I am all too familiar with and pretty much everyone is are the ones at the grocery and department stores. My husband and I go to WalMart on average twice to three times a week. Did you know those shelves are known in the business as gondolas? The end of the gondolas are great for grabbing shoppers attention for specials and promotions. Things are categorized according to groups, so things like cereal, bread, pop etc. Another trick retailers play with the shelves to capture the most money from us, their customers, are the different zones. The various brands pay for space on those shelves according to price points. You will generally find the higher prices on goods at eye level and those usually are name brand products. You can find store brand items of the same thing either on the shelf below eye level or way up high. The brand name companies pay for their rank on the shelves to garner the most sales possible. If you want to save money you need to focus on those other zones. It is worth it…you can thank me later. 😉 LOL

I will wrap up this post for now since I have touched on the important points I wanted to tell you. I am sure there is much more to say on the subject but for brevities sake, I will leave it here. Thanks again for your visit and for reading what I have to say today. Please leave a comment for me, if you would, to let me know you were here. If you are not already following my blog please consider doing that too. You will be notified via email every time I publish a new post. Ever since I discovered the beauty that is scheduling (thank you Don Royster for putting me on to the idea) I aim to publish a new post every third day. So a post…two days in between then another post. I have been able to maintain this schedule for a while now and believe I will not have any trouble keeping up this pace. If you haven’t seen Don Royster’s blog yet, he writes a blog titled Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such four times a week, please check it out. I have found many of his posts  thought provoking, funny, always entertaining and well worth the read.


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