Self Imposed Deadlines & Expectations


Why do I do this to myself? No, really, why do I put this pressure on myself? Well, I suppose the answer to that is, I guess, I work better under pressure. Left to my own devices I will delay and procrastinate but if I set something in motion I am more apt to keep going and make it happen.

This is something I have found out about myself through trial and error in my life. If I am reluctant to start or follow through with something I will do or say something that will ensure I HAVE to start it or follow through with it.

Okay, I see you scratching your head in confusion so I will give you some examples in an effort to be clearer. Say I am reluctant to see the dentist because I know there is a filling that needs attention and there is some pain in my future. I will call and make an appointment for a date some week or two later. The way this works is I will be more reluctant to call and cancel or reschedule because I would feel ashamed knowing that I was wussing out instead of doing the adult thing and getting my teeth taken care of. So, I would follow through and show up for that appointment and face it rather than face the failure that cancelling the appointment would represent.

I have called the doctor’s office to make an appointment to  discuss something embarrassing (to me) with the doctor. When I am taking to the nurse/receptionist and I am asked what the appointment is for (they always ask because that way they know how long and how urgent the reason for the booking is) I will blurt out the reason. It is on the phone and the nurse/receptionist is ALWAYS too busy with the other lines ringing to ask too many questions. I hang up the phone knowing that I have set something in motion that I will have to deal with at a later date. Full stop. Upon seeing the doctor he will look at his computer screen and bring the topic up, asking for further information about the subject.

Well, I have done it once (twice?) again. Finally, we arrive at the true subject matter of this blog post. I have a YouTube channel as well as this blog. I want to keep both running smoothly providing consistent content to keep my subscribers and followers entertained. I have discovered scheduling and it is glorious! =D

So I now have videos uploaded and scheduled to go live every day on my YouTube channel. I have two videos waiting for tomorrow and the next day. As for this blog, I have two to three posts waiting to be published every third day. You will notice I have added the announcement on the top of the page to remind me and keep the pressure up on myself to follow through and make it happen. I have even placed a calendar widget along the right-hand side for posting dates. The days that a post is published the date will be highlighted and is clickable to take you straight to that day’s post.

Oh, one last thing. Those little guys up there in the pictures? The first picture is how I see myself with YouTube pulling me one way and this blog pulling me the other way. I have to divide my time between them because I love doing both! The second picture represents how I see myself…I am the one turning the handle on the vice but it is for the best possible reasons. When I look back on things I am very happy now that both of my endeavours are now being produced consistently. It sure feels better than beating myself up and kicking myself because I haven’t posted in a while or added to my YouTube channel enough to keep people interested and happy they subscribed. 

Thanks for dropping by my blog again, friends. I do appreciate it when you like and comment on my writing. I have a question for you, do you do this sort of thing to yourself? Are you pretty consistent with getting things done normally or do you feel the need to sabotage yourself like I do? =) Have a good one!







2 thoughts on “Self Imposed Deadlines & Expectations

  1. I was pretty religious about posting daily on my blog to begin with, and I tried to keep this up for the first month just to see if I could do it – however I also said to myself that I wasn’t going to write unless I had something to say, and the knock on effect of that appears to be that people are interested.

    My YouTube channel has fallen into wrack and ruin though lol.

    The difference between the two is that I write for myself whereas I made videos for audiences.

    I know which makes me happier and that’s blogging, so that’s where my time goes.

    As long as you’re not making yourself unhappy carry on with what you’re doing!

    If you’re creating stress then do what makes you happy 😄👍🏽

    Either way it has to be fun otherwise hobbies become work and that sucks nuts!

    Keep up the good work though 😉

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    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have been doing fine with the whole scheduling thing on both my YouTube channel and this blog … until lately. I have run out of scheduled posts and scheduled videos and now find myself behind the eight ball on both. I was not feeling well and stopped back loading things to be scheduled, hence running out of things. =( I am reassessing the frequency I have imposed on myself now. I think the blog post every third day is good but this every day posting of a video to my YouTube channel has to change…it is just too much pressure. Thanks for your words of wisdom. =)

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