Your Friendship Means The World To Me

Today I chose a one-word prompt from March 21st to write a post about. That word is Friend . In this post, I am also expanding that word to include Friendship.

If you are extremely lucky you will find and keep a friendship with a few wonderful people in your lifetime. I am that lucky. I have a few very dear friends that I call my Best Friends. There is not one ultimate best friend either…they are ALL my best friends. I am not one who keeps a big list of friends on Facebook nor do I go out in the company of a large group of friends. I prefer being a friend to a few chosen people who mean the world to me and keeping them as friends for many years.

When I was growing up and going to school I pretty much kept to myself. I was not one of the popular people that could be seen hanging out with a group of friends in the school hallways. I did have a few friends during school but, for the most part, they were loners just like me and we would maybe sit together at lunch in the cafeteria or buddy up for class projects. You might say they were more like acquaintances. There was no deep bond of friendship there on either side but merely a friendly face in the crucible that was school.

In later years as I got my first job, matured a bit more, I made a few friends over time. These friends weren’t the enduring kind, though…life happens, people move away or get married and BAM things changed. I lost touch with most of the women I called friends. When I got married to my first husband we had friends in common, then when we divorced, I all of a sudden lost my friends. He ran around to all of them spreading lies and whispering stories that alienated me from their lives. Did I mention he was abusive? If they believed him without checking with me then I say they weren’t friends in the end anyway.

In the years following the divorce, there are a few friends I have made during some of the worst times in my life that are STILL my best friends. I am talking relationships that have been 25+ years strong. I think it is during those horrible, desperate times that the strongest bonds are forged. When we feel our most unlovable, most confused, most frustrated or heart broken and someone comes along to be a friend, proves that no matter what they will stick by you to provide support and encouragement they have attained best friend status.  They endure the ups and downs of life with you and you with them. There is nothing I know of quite like the comfort and security you feel knowing that no matter what they have your back and you have theirs.

To my besties out there who may be reading this (you know who you are) I want to let you know you mean the world to me. I seriously do not know how I would have made it this far without you. Thank you for being in my life!



6 thoughts on “Your Friendship Means The World To Me

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    • Hi, sorry for the late reply (I am usually much quicker to respond to comments but somehow you ended up in my spam folder). Thanks for stopping by and reading what I had to say about friendship. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your comment. =)


  2. Apart from my husband, I have one friend. We’ve been friends since we were twelve, and we’re sixty now. Reading your post, I noticed many similarities to myself as a young person. I was a bit of a loner too.

    There have been times when I haven’t seen my friend for, one time four years, and seven years, due to moves … but when we do see each other again, it’s as if no time had passed at all. It’s the same, and we just pick up where we left off.

    I’m so thankful to have a real friend.


    • Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I appreciate your comment too! Wow, that is an amazing friendship so far and still going strong. I really like that you started out by saying “apart from my husband” I have a husband (best friend) like that too. =) No doubt, if you are thankful to have a real friend I am positive you are one as well. Have a wonderful evening and thank you again for posting a comment. I really like talking to the people who read my writing. =)

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  3. Here is a link to a PDF classic essay on types of friends. Your posting is beautiful. Cicero, Aristotle, and Judith Viorst. I tried to find a cleaner copy. But this will do nicely.
    BUT: NOT SO FAST: What about my own little blog posting on friends and friendship? You cannot pass that up: :o) Thanks ..

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    • Thank you, James, so very much for your compliment on my post. =) I appreciate the links to the article by Judith Viorst and to your own blog post on friends and friendship, thanks. I found the Judith Viorst interesting on my first read through and have saved it to go back to read it again. There is a lot of information there and I want to be sure I have absorbed all of it in order to fully appreciate what she is saying. Your blog post on friends and friendship was particularly insightful. I liked the references you give to your past. Your first communion photo is just adorable. I also liked the examples you give from the world of celebrity. Your post gives a fully fleshed out view of friendship both personal and from a world standpoint. =)

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