Things will change…but that’s OKAY!


Change can be good. Seriously, people often resist change because they are more comfortable continuing as they are. If you can see change as good you will be much better equipped to deal with life because like it or not change is part of life. I have learned to embrace change. No, strike that, I have learned to yearn for change. 

There is a saying, although I don’t remember who said it, that change is as good as a rest. What I get from that is that often change can give us a feeling of being refreshed and relieved of boredom. I want things to change…I really do. When things remain the same for too long life gets a little stale…do you know what I mean? 

Every now and then you need to change up you wardrobe. It does wonders for your outlook. I know it does, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either so that really isn’t a barrier to change. There are discount second-hand stores, and there are relatives and friends that donate bags of clothes for you to go through before they take them to the aforementioned discount second-hand stores. If you are lucky that is. 

You can change the decorations in your home, paint, accessories, furniture…you name it, in order to change your environment and lift your spirits instead of look at the same four walls day after day after day. Heck, when it comes to that you can change the four walls. Move! Granted there is a little more work in this particular change but oftentimes it is SO worth it. I tend to stay put when it comes to that last change, though, I have been in my current residence for thirteen or a little more years now. 

Your vehicle can be changed too…treating it to some seat covers and a new steering wheel cover can give it an update and change of look. Cars can also be bought and sold too if you want to drive something totally different and let the next owner treat it to seat covers and a new steering wheel cover. 

The point I am trying to make with this post is simply to not only learn to embrace change but to yearn for it. Your life will be more interesting and what is a better time for change than in the spring with new life springing up all around you? It is time to shuck off the doldrums of winter and open your eyes and your spirit to the changes all around you. =) 

What can you change right now? It doesn’t have to be big or overly complicated even small changes can have a cumulative effect on the big picture. I challenge you to try it, as an experiment, make a small change and see what it does for your life and for those around you. Please drop me a comment and let me know what changes you are facing or might be willing to initiate and how that makes you feel. You know my feeling on change from this post but I am interested in finding out how you feel about change. Thanks for stopping by to read what I have to say folks…have a wonderful day. =) 


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  1. I’m all for change — that’s probably why I appreciate having four seasons. Would be boring to have summer all year round.

    You can change stuff in the online world too — put on a new blog theme! 🙂 Get a new email address LOL

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