Lots Of Changes Are Happening!

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First of all, please let me apologize for the length of time between posts. I am sorry…I was doing so well with scheduling them for every third day and I will get back to that, I promise. I had both this blog and my YouTube channel uploaded regularly with content and things were running smoothly. That is, it was until April 29th, ironically the date my last blog post was published. Then my world was turned upside down.

First, I had to put my beloved nine-year-old calico to sleep on Monday. That was heart wrenching, to say the least, but it had to be done. She had breast cancer. =( I stayed with her through the whole process (two needles) because I loved her that much. I didn’t want her to feel alone or scared and I wanted to tell her just what a wonderful cat she had been and how much I would miss her cuddles and sandpaper kisses. I did break down after the final needle when I saw it take effect and I am slowly learning to adjust to her not being with me.

On top of that, my husband and I are in the process of moving to a new apartment. There are lots of things to do; packing, sorting, purging to second-hand stores, selling things of value that we have no room for at the new place and then comes the cleaning. Don’t get me wrong here, my last post dealt with change and I said then that I look forward to it…and I do. I am finding it a little overwhelming dealing with all this change at once, though. I will admit that but it does not mean I don’t like change. 

Our car went into the shop for a lot of work today to retrofit it (repairs and improvements) so that it will be reliable for us now that we will be living out in the country. No, new seat covers and a new steering wheel cover are not in the works ( lol an inside joke you’ll need to read my last blog post to really appreciate). Currently, we live in a city with a population of 54,000 and we will be moving to a town with a population of 3,200! Now that is a tremendous change and one we are looking forward to. Our new landlord is wonderful and has allowed us to slowly move stuff in over the month before we officially take possession on May 31st. This is a brand new apartment that has never been lived in before and we are excited for that too! 

So, I will try to keep the posts coming but they will not be as regular as they have been of late. Please forgive me… I am trying to juggle all these changes and sometimes a ball is bound to drop, just know I will return as soon as I can. =) Thanks for your support. I appreciate everyone who stops by to read my blog. You guys are awesome! 


8 thoughts on “Lots Of Changes Are Happening!

  1. I’m so sorry, albeit a bit late. Haven’t been to the blogging world lately. You must be devastated, Susan. I can only imagine the grief you’ve been through. You remind me of my mother. She has lots of cats and treats them like her children. Anyway, good luck to the changes in your life. Have a lovely week. 🙂


    • Thank you so much….it is still hard being without Munchkin at night and when we come home. We just moved into our new apartment today and we are exhausted. Your mother sounds like a great person…cats are like children…we do everything for them after all. LOL. Have a great week yourself! 😁

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    • Thank you very much for sharing that with me, James. I appreciate it. I have sworn off getting any more cats, or any animals for that matter, this always hurts too much. No matter what pet you welcome into your home their lifespan is way shorter than a human’s. It always ends in tears and I just can’t put my heart through that anymore. Having to get the vet to put your cat to sleep versus them passing naturally is ten times worse. I feel so guilty for paying to have it done even though I know it is for the best to relieve her suffering. =(

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      • We said no more. Last summer a stray worked his way into our hearts. We knew he would live two years in the wild. The vet said we would be giving him a better life. So we have him, as old as we are. And we love him. We know it’s best for us both. Luv to you.


      • I understand how that can happen, just looking into that face can make you fall in love and reverse decisions. It took me three years after my cat before Munchkin passed before I could open myself up to Munchkin. This time, however, the new apartment we are moving to has a no pet policy due to the landlady having allergies. I am almost glad for that (not that she has allergies but for the no pet policy)…it will reinforce my decision. Thank you so much, James, for your messages to me here it does help being able to talk about it all. =)

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