I’ve Got An Update On My Last Post


Hello all, I thought a little update was in order since my last post. The days are going by at a fairly fast pace with lots to keep me busy. I have been packing and cleaning as I go. We have taken 14 car loads down to the new apartment so far.  Just a couple more to go before the final trip down with the truck at the end of the month to transfer our washer, dryer, fridge, stove, bed, dressers and table and chair set. As we take boxes down we unpack and put in place the items we have taken down then throw the empty boxes back in the car to bring home and pack some more. This will save us multiple trips to various places to get boxes and it will reduce the number of boxes we must dispose of at the end of all this. It is also allowing us to see our things filling the space so we can better judge how much more to purge rather than move. 

Kijiji (an online classified site where you can post items for sale or give away free for $0.00) has been humming with activity from this household. We have sold quite a bit with only a few items remaining to find a buyer for. We have also given away quite a bit for free. Now comes the rub…tomorrow we lose the internet and the satellite tv for the last eleven or twelve days we must spend here before the move. So this is just a brief update to let you know that I won’t be posting for the next while until we can get the internet hooked up at the new apartment. There is still plenty to get accomplished before moving day so with no distractions I am sure I will get it all done. 

I do miss Munchkin a lot but for the most part, I am focussing on the move and ticking things off my to-do list. The hardest times are at bedtime since she always slept beside me on her own pillow and I would be lulled to sleep and awoken with the sound of her purring and the feel of her warmth and soft fur. It also takes me a moment to realize I no longer need to rush to close the door after us when we load items into the car. I have sold her Pet Taxi and given away the large container of cat litter I had as I won’t be needing it anymore. She was my friend, companion, and confidant and we connected on a very deep level.

Well, my friends, I must finish this post and get it uploaded to the net before our service is cut off and then toddle off to bed. I am one tired and sore woman but this move is so worth the effort. I will post again from our new home…until then I hope everyone reading this is well and has a fine day/night. =) 


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