Moving Day Is FINALLY Almost Here-YAY!!


Finally!! We are counting down the days to moving day and those numbers are now in the single digits. We just have to make it through tonight, tomorrow and Monday – I just can’t wait! This apartment is now starting to echo. There is very little left here because we have now taken 19 car loads down the highway to our new apartment. Our new landlords are totally awesome and have allowed us to move our stuff in little by little over the month. He unlocks the door for us each time and locks up when we are done. We don’t get any keys in our hot little hands until we pay our first month’s rent. No biggy…we are just so thankful that they are allowing us to move in slowly.

Where we are sitting now Tuesday morning will find us anxious to move and only needing to load our friends truck with our stove, fridge, washer, dryer, bed, dining room table and two captain’s chairs and our dressers. In the final carload, will be our clothes in bags, whatever food is left in the kitchen, the oven racks and glass shelves from our fridge and of course our computers! All that is left to do here is cleaning all the rooms so that we don’t need to come back here for anything once we leave with our stuff. I want to load the truck and car , hand the keys back to the landlord and leave. Period. Full stop. 

The weather here is turning really warm and it is only coming to the end of May. I can just imagine what the summer holds. The great thing is our new apartment is a basement apartment but it is a ground level entry apartment so it looks and feels like a big open living space and not a downstairs dungeon with little windows. We took load number 19 down to the new place today and it was hot and sunny. After offloading the car we sat around the patio table to relax in the sunshine and it was hot. Once we stepped back inside the apartment it was instant coolness. Aaahhhh…. I think we are going to love living there full time. Well, that is all the news I have to share tonight I will write again after we have settled into our new home.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I do appreciate the support. =)