Finally…All Settled In! Ahhhh!

moved in


Hi everybody, I am so sorry for a long time between posts again but hopefully that is the last long stretch without posting.

Near the end of May, I was so stressed out about the move that I actually had chest pains that would stop me dead in my tracks. I felt completely and utterly exhausted in my mind, body and spirit. I was worried about the moment we had to hand the keys back to our former landlords. We had lived in that apartment/house for 14 years. The landlord suddenly found something he needed to do over at a neighbors ( the landlady said it was because he was upset we were leaving and couldn’t deal with the whole key thing) so the landlady took the keys. We were talking and saying goodbye when she suddenly broke into tears and said she felt like she was losing part of her family. She asked if we would stop by to visit once in a while when we had to come back to the city for something. We agreed and she felt a little better knowing there were no hard feelings and that they weren’t really “losing” us.  Once the move happened I started feeling better and better.

We have finally gotten settled into our new apartment. When we officially moved in on May 31 st there was lots of unpacking and cleaning to do. I also did a TON of purging again at our new place (still?) Yes, still. I realized how much crap I had inadvertently lugged here and that required another two trips to Value Village and a couple more to Hazardous Waste Depot (both places are back in our old city 25 minutes up the highway)to get rid of lots of cardboard from boxes I had emptied and then flattened down. Of course that all took time. I really haven’t had a break for over a month and a half now. This morning is the first time I have had a chance to take a book outside to the patio table and read while I sipped my morning tea. I have gotten a couple of videos on my YouTube channel just yesterday and writing a blog post was next on my list.

Life should return to normal now that all the rigamarole that goes along with moving is finally done. Phew!! I will try my hardest to get back to scheduling posts so that they are back to every third day. I feel so out of sync with everything, you guys, my YouTube channel, life. It has been a wonderful thing, though, our moving here, as the stress seems to just be draining out of our bodies. We are sleeping well and waking up early feeling rested. It must be the country air. =) Have I mentioned that I grew up out in the country and this is my favorite place to be. Cities drive me up a wall…seriously, people are so close and it is noisy and busy. Here there is peace and quiet and no light pollution so you can see a massive amount of stars at night. LOL, can you tell how in love with this place I am? Our new landlords are wonderful – as we get to know them better and they get to know us better this is turning out to be a great fit on both sides. We helped get their huge above ground swimming pool ready for the season and have been invited to use it once in a while when it gets hot. We will be arranging separate times from them so we can use it by ourselves whether they are home or not. Apparently, this is the first year that the pool has been set up for the season in one night. Usually, we are told, it takes a few consecutive nights going at it bit by bit; hauling the cover off, clearing away the empty jugs that hold the cover off the water, getting the pump equipment into place, adjusting the decking from the frost heaving that happens every year, adding fresh water to bring the level back up, shocking the water and cleaning out the leaves and bugs that linger on the bottom. You know the saying is true, though…many hands do make light work.

We have received mail here so we know the address change worked. Our new driver’s licenses arrived in said mail so we now have our ID changed over officially. Whew, it has been a long haul but now we are truly HOME. Every trip we have taken into the city since the move feels weird, but we are so happy to be able to leave that craziness behind and come home. It still hits us that we used to live there but it doesn’t feel like home anymore. We don’t miss it. At all. 

Here are a few pictures of the place before we moved in. It is bright, beautiful and has never been lived in before. We call it our little piece of heaven. Thanks for stopping by to read what I have to say, everybody. I do appreciate all the visits and comments and questions. Your support means the world to me. =)