I Love Country Life!


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I am back with some great news to report. Ever since we moved out here to the country things have been changing for the better. It is amazing what can happen when you change your location and the four walls around you. Just moving has changed everything for my hubby and me. I will give you some examples so you can understand what I mean and why I am so excited and happy.

Ever since we moved…our bed is made every morning.

Ever since we moved…the dishes are done every night after dinner.

Ever since we moved…the house is clean and spacious.

Ever since we moved…my husband and I play gin rummy every night.

Ever since we moved…we go to bed at a decent hour and are up bright and early every morning. Willingly!

Ever since we moved…we have been losing weight without even trying.

Ever since we moved…our health has improved.

Ever since we moved…my husband has been seriously trying to quit smoking.

Ever since we moved…we have been attending church again every Sunday morning. Halleluiah!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I swear it has everything to do with not only our new location but with our new surroundings and with our lack of stress and depression. Here (and I will speak for myself only) I feel so much better. This place is bright and beautiful and inspires me to keep it looking great. Our old place…not so much. I feel like I have been given a chance at a new beginning. It is like a breath of fresh air has been blown into our lives reviving my spirit and giving me hope of a better future. ย Remember when we were children and if you mucked something up you just had to shout “Do Over” and got a chance to try again? I do and I declare this my official Do Over. =)

I have purged and cleaned and the only things remaining in our home are things we need, value and cherish. All the detritus accumulated over the years is finally gone and I can breathe again. There is nothing weighing me down, I feel lighter than air and find myself smiling more and more as the days pass. Thank you, Universe, God, whatever is responsible for this new lease on life. I promise you I will not waste this opportunity to embrace the changes and live a better, happier life.

Well, I will close for now but I just had to share my happiness and make note of all the great things happening in our lives. I want to mark this new chapter in my life and celebrate this momentous new beginning. I’m telling you, you can’t pry this huge grin off my face right now. I am deliriously happy. Hope all of you have a wonderful night/day and thank you again for stopping by to read what I have to say. I appreciate it more than you know. ย =]




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  1. Even I love countryside and ma blog gets inspired by it but the thought of moving back to city makes me sad bec life is a lot better here.

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  2. Susan, I’m so happy for you. These changes in your life are incredibly positive. It is wonderful to hear you so peaceful, happy and fulfilled. Your country setting and new home were both great catalysts for the changes that YOU were so ready to make. Congratulations for going through the crummy stuff to get to this point.

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