Are Aliens Among Us?

Alien abductions

You’ve seen them in movies, in documentaries, even books, comics and TV shows. Of course, I am talking about aliens. Paul, in the self-titled video, explains that we humans are being drip fed the images and stories about aliens so that we will not freak out when we actually meet them. I think this is totally believable. Okay, I know that Paul in the movie is a CGI character but his theory regarding images of aliens (usually the grays) is spot on, at least I think so. It makes sense.

You have heard reports of abductee testimony to what they saw and experienced but do you believe? As for my husband and I, we believe because let’s face it this world is just one planet among billions out there. It would be rather arrogant to think we are the only living people ever created. Aliens are people too, they just look different and maybe breathe a different atmosphere. It is totally possible, right?

Next to consider is the question of whether they are friendly or whether they want to come kick our butts, maybe take over the planet for resources or food. Maybe that food is us…what do you think? It is my opinion that if that was what they wanted to do it would have happened already. If they have the capability to traverse vast distances in space then they are obviously way more advanced than we are and would very likely defeat any kind of defense we could possibly mount.

Some theories suggest that they are possibly already here. There is some talk of alien hybrids slowly being introduced into our population from experiments performed on said abductees. Word is, the aliens extract semen and eggs from the mature men and women they abduct and mix them with their DNA. They then impregnate the women with a hybrid embryo and abduct them again months later and retrieve the babies to further incubate them on their ships. Once mature these hybrids are subtly deposited into our world where they blend in as best as possible and learn our ways, language and rituals, of course relaying all this information back up to the mother ship.

On this subject, there is more than enough information out there to consider in order to come to an informed decision. Most people would rather not think about it, not seriously at least, believing instead that if they ignore it then it won’t happen. As for myself, I am keeping my mind wide open. I am also keeping myself well informed of all the latest news and theories so that if and when anything should happen I will be ready.


Warning: YouTube Rant Below


Now don’t get me wrong here, I am a YouTube Partner and have a YouTube channel that I am trying to grow and that is the very reason for this rant. What is happening affects me, very much so. I want to build my subscriber base and upload videos consistently that people want to watch. I make videos, on a lot of different topics, and upload them to my channel to not only provide entertainment but to add to the knowledge base out there that is the internet. What has been happening with YouTube for the past while has me majorly ticked off. See, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be this upset. I think it is a great platform and a great way to look up information on how to do something or kill some time watching some awesome or dumb videos for a laugh. I can’t emphasize that enough! YouTube is great. What is not great is what is happening to us partners. 

We have a page that we look at called Analytics. On that page, we can look up all sorts of facts and figures. We can see how many likes and dislikes we have gotten in the previous month, quarter, year and so on. We can see how many subscribers have signed up to get notified when we upload another video. We can track how much money we are making in a given time period. Yes, you can make money on YouTube although it is a long hard haul getting to where you can make enough to live off of. It is by no means a get rich quick scheme and often takes years of hard work grinding out videos to upload and answering emails from people who comment on your videos and watching other people’s videos that you subscribe to before you see any substantial and tangible rewards. There is a lot of information we can look up on the analytics page. By doing so we are able to tweak what we are doing to get better results when it comes to the numbers.

It is what has been happening on this page as well as right on our channel that has me steamed. For the last while, I and many others like me, have been randomly losing views on our videos, losing subscribers, losing revenue through no fault of our own. For example, recently I had a video that had like 55 views at the end of the night. I wake up the next morning and suddenly that same video shows only 27 views. What??? Views – cut in half pretty much overnight. I had almost 400 subscribers and then went down to 320. I am finally climbing back out of that hole and now I am told I have 390 subscribers again.

All of these figures play into how we get paid. It is an algorithm based on how many views our videos get, how long they watched the video for, the number of subscribers, what ads played on our videos, how much those ads were paying, how many people clicked on the ads or even how long they let them play and so on. That is why it is so distressing when they start messing with the numbers and not in a way that is in our best interest (numbers going down not up).  Like I was saying before, it is a long hard haul being a YouTube partner and this kind of monkey business is very discouraging. It makes me wonder why I should keep plugging away if I am constantly being knocked back several rungs every time I turn around. So, I keep climbing the rungs of the ladder, get knocked down a few rungs and dig in and climb back up only to get knocked down again and again. Is it too much to ask that YouTube clears up all the errors (glitches?) and we get to keep the momentum we gained?

Two Heads Are Better Than One


Have you ever heard of that saying up there? Yes, the title of this post, that saying. It is true, you know, two heads are often better than one and sometimes more than two heads are ideal. I am talking about all kinds of situations where you really do need more input or information than what is rattling around in your own brain.

There are times in this life where another person’s viewpoint has value like when you are struggling with a decision or trying to figure out how to handle a situation. Those other heads I am talking about can be the ones on all kinds of people. They can be close to you such as family or friends or they could be from a much broader sampling of people like a poll on the internet, or they could be a professional such as a therapist, doctor or psychiatrist.

Sometimes you don’t require an answer from them at all. Sometimes you just need a sounding board, hearing yourself tell someone the problem you’re facing is often enough to allow you to work out the solution for yourself. Again, that could be anyone from a close friend you can trust and confide in to a professional therapist who can give you the guidance you need at that moment or in that situation.

You must carefully consider who to seek out when you want to share something that is troubling you. Is the problem benign, like trying to decide on what to have for dinner? A friend or dinner companion is the perfect choice to consult for this type of problem. If the problem is of a more emotional and heavy sort, like trying to figure out how to go on when you lose a significant relationship or if you are having a hard time dealing with the death of someone close to you…well, for that you really should seek professional counsel. Your friends may be too close to the situation or not know what to say, how to best help you.

Recently I had the honor of helping my sister figure out a certain problem. Let me tell you, it is very satisfying when you can help someone put their mind at ease and make a decision that they feel good about. Most of this post has been from the viewpoint of being the person with the issue but I wanted to show this process from the other side as well. If you can be one of those other heads that someone needs be it a sounding board or fellow brainstormer it is indeed an honor. It means they value your opinion and feel open enough to share their dilemma with you. Never be afraid to suggest seeking out a professional if you feel unequipped to deal with what they are telling you. This can be life saving, life altering advice when it is necessary.

Thanks for visiting my blog my friends. I value each and every one of your heads and would love to hear what you are thinking. Please feel free to leave a comment or question for me. I try to get to each and every one I receive. If you know someone who needs to see this please share it with them. Thanks as well to my sister, Karen, for suggesting I write a post on this subject…turns out I had a lot to say about it after all. LOL =)

It’s raining, it’s pouring… the old man is snoring. =)

rain black and white

As I sit here at my computer writing this the rain continues to fall outside my window. It started in the wee hours of the morning and has not stopped yet but I must get up and start completing dinner soon. It is 5:15 PM already. Boy, the day flies by fast when you read a book and fall asleep on the couch. I had my couch time earlier this afternoon, not too long after lunch, in fact. Now it is my husbands turn to grab a few Zs. I don’t know what it is about the rain that makes one tired. I had sufficient sleep last night (at least I am pretty sure I did) but I could not hold my eyes open very long once I picked up my book. I finished it today and am already on to my next one. I am a voracious reader and have bookcases full of books to prove it. LOL

There are pork chops in the slow cooker smothered in cream of mushroom soup with an extra can of mushroom pieces and stems thrown in for good measure. I must get up shortly and peel the potatoes I need to make whipped potatoes, my hubby’s favorite, to go along with the corn. Tomorrow night we will be having chicken when my best friend comes to visit. I get to see her for the first time in three or four years. I also get to meet her boyfriend this time so I am looking forward to that. I am not sure what recipe I will be using with the chicken but there is time to figure that out.

Even though the rain outside makes me tired it also makes me happy to be warm and dry inside. I sip my hot cup of tea and write this blog post and cannot think of anything I would rather be doing. Sure, the sunshine and hot weather are nice for swimming in the pool and working on my tan but I know that the earth needs this rain. Otherwise, the fire ban will be in full force again due to the risk of the dry grass and hay burning in the fields that surround us. I also like bonfires and if there is a fire ban is in force there won’t be any of them in my future either. So I welcome the necessary rain and use this time inside to do something I love, writing my thoughts down in my blog. Now I am off to the kitchen to finish preparing a hot and satisfying dinner for Kevin and I. Have a wonderful day/night everybody. Thanks for visiting my blog once again. I do appreciate it. =)

Fire…but not the out of control kind.


Today’s post is in response to the daily prompt :


When I think of the word BURN my thoughts turn to bonfires. Our new landlord was having a bonfire up behind the house not long after we moved in here and invited us to join him. We had a great time while he burned some paperwork from his business that he needed to dispose of plus some wood. It gave us all a chance to talk for a bit while he tended the fire and get to know each other a little more.

I found out some interesting things about not only the community we just moved into but about David himself. He has a booming RV Repair Service with not only rigs being dropped off for repair but service calls too. I find it fascinating to watch these big behemoths turn into the driveway and climb the slight grade of the driveway up to the shop in the back.

I have always loved fire, no strike that, I have always been fascinated by fire. No, not in an arsonist kind of way. LOL, I love watching the flames lick upward in bonfire pits, woodstoves and fireplaces.  I also love the warmth that radiates out from said flames. I am very much like a cat when it comes to basking in the warmth, especially on a cold winter’s day.

Right now it is summer here in Ontario, Canada and there is lots of heat even without a fire. That is okay though because when it gets too hot we are able to take a dip in the swimming pool that our landlords so graciously allow us to share with them. Aside from the physical thing, fire, when I hear the word burn it conjures up memories of when people get a good zinger in on something I said or did and someone else pipes up with the comment “Burn!”. LOL  Stay warm, my friends, stay warm. =)

Happy Birthday Mom =)

Mom on her 80th birthday


I am proud to say that the wonderful, beautiful, woman pictured above is my mother. Cheers Mom! In the picture, she is celebrating her special day with a chocolate martini….mmmm. Yesterday was her birthday and I so wish I could have been with her to celebrate this milestone birthday. I had to settle for a card and a phone call to let her know how I feel about her. My sister, who lives with Mom, is seeing to it that she is celebrating not only on her birthday but the whole week. So thank you, Karen, for that. I am glad you are able to pamper Mom like she deserves.

As I mentioned this year is a milestone for her…drumroll please, she turned 80 years old yesterday. I know, right, she doesn’t look like she is that old! I really hope that those genes passed down to me and I look as great as she does when I get to be that age. Heck, I just hope I get to be 80.  My Mom is following my blog so I know she is reading this too and I want to say I hope this coming year is your best yet Mom.

My Mom has spent her entire life focussing on doing so much for others and I would like to see her be as kind and thoughtful to herself as she is to everyone else.   My Mom used to be the secretary at the schools I attended when I grew up and it was comforting to know that she was right there. When I became a mother myself, my two sons were lucky enough to have the best Grandma ever. They wanted for nothing and made lots of great memories every time they saw her. I am so glad my sons had the chance to spend time with both of my parents and my sister.

This post is going to be shorter than usual but I just wanted to let everybody know how much of a treasure my Mom is. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog again folks, I do appreciate it. If you would like to leave a question or comment below, please do. I try to get to each and every response I get. Have a wonderful day/night…whatever it happens to be when you read this. =)