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The weather here has been extremely hot for days and finally we got some rain. Now, it is hot and humid…thanks, Mother Nature (yes that is sarcasm). LOL  The reason I started talking about the weather is because it is the reason Hubby and I took to the couch while it was raining and watched some DVDs we had recently purchased at the local flea market. The deal was $4.oo each or 6 for $20.00 – you know we had to go for the better deal, right? The following are a few of the movies we snagged and what I thought of them.

Final Days Of Planet Earth

This was an interesting take on the whole aliens taking over the world theme. It starred Daryl Hannah and she was an excellent leader of the aliens that were of the insect variety. I must say it was refreshing to not be subjected to the usual suspects, the gray aliens. This movie was easy to watch and get sucked into (if you are into this type of video that is). The acting was good for the most part although to be honest, I was expecting it to be after all Daryl Hannah played a lead role.

Girl, Interrupted

Now, this movie I thoroughly enjoyed. It stars Winona Rider, Angelina Jolie, and Whoopi Goldberg. I had this movie on VHS at one time but since we sold all our VHS tapes and VHS machine years ago I have been looking for a copy on DVD. I could watch this over and over again…there is always something new I pick up on. This one is about a young woman (Winona Rider) who has mental health issues and ends up checking herself into a mental health institution. While there she meets a lot of interesting people (Angelina Jolie – fellow patient and Whoopi Goldberg – psychiatric nurse) among others that have a profound life altering effect on her. Through their interactions with each other and staff, they each delve down deep to better understand how they view the world and how to be in it. I can tell you the institution setting is portrayed rather accurately given the time period this movie is set in, the turbulent late 1960’s.


I was so pleased to find this movie on the shelves too. It is a Stephen King Classic. I have already written a post on Stephen King being my favorite author…I love watching movies made from his books too. They do tend to vary from the actual book and for me, the book will win out every time. This is a story of another young woman and being endowed with telekinesis, the ability to move things with her mind, all heck breaks loose when she is confronted with bullies at school and a bully of a mother at home. She reaches a breaking point and well, I guess they shouldn’t have pushed her so hard as they soon learn. Carrie is played by Angela Bettis who also starred in the previous movie Girl, Interrupted. This is another great movie where you really feel for what Carrie goes through and even though she ends up going a little over the top you end up rooting for her all the same, at least I did.

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  1. Aw, rainy days! It sucks but it’s a good opportunity to catch up on movies. Haven’t watched any of those yet. Thanks for sharing, Susan. Have a great weekend! 😊

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