Fire…but not the out of control kind.


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When I think of the word BURN my thoughts turn to bonfires. Our new landlord was having a bonfire up behind the house not long after we moved in here and invited us to join him. We had a great time while he burned some paperwork from his business that he needed to dispose of plus some wood. It gave us all a chance to talk for a bit while he tended the fire and get to know each other a little more.

I found out some interesting things about not only the community we just moved into but about David himself. He has a booming RV Repair Service with not only rigs being dropped off for repair but service calls too. I find it fascinating to watch these big behemoths turn into the driveway and climb the slight grade of the driveway up to the shop in the back.

I have always loved fire, no strike that, I have always been fascinated by fire. No, not in an arsonist kind of way. LOL, I love watching the flames lick upward in bonfire pits, woodstoves and fireplaces.  I also love the warmth that radiates out from said flames. I am very much like a cat when it comes to basking in the warmth, especially on a cold winter’s day.

Right now it is summer here in Ontario, Canada and there is lots of heat even without a fire. That is okay though because when it gets too hot we are able to take a dip in the swimming pool that our landlords so graciously allow us to share with them. Aside from the physical thing, fire, when I hear the word burn it conjures up memories of when people get a good zinger in on something I said or did and someone else pipes up with the comment “Burn!”. LOL  Stay warm, my friends, stay warm. =)


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  2. Fire and water- both nice things to be shared by your new landlord, reminiscent of breaking bread.

    At the mention of a bonfire, my mind immediately jumps to my childhood summers spent in Northern Michigan. Beach parties with bonfires and the family. Cocktails, appetizers, hot dogs, chips (always with sand in them, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it), baked beans, s’mores. Swimming in Lake Michigan, watching the sunset, being watched by the parents.

    Bounce to your landlord burning business papers, and I skip from childhood innocence to corruption… and laugh at the sarcastic thought that this seems to be the new life cycle of things. Innocence to corruption. Of course, the papers are likely NOT evidence of sinister activity that needs to be destroyed…. for all we know they could old versions of the business plan for the Girl Scouts of America, which have now all been digitized.

    Thanks for the mini-mind-vacation! Your friendly writing style easily let me slip into a state of imagery. Sorry this reply is so long…. I’m trying to come back to blogging after a super lame attempt of a start months back. Perhaps I wrote such an extended comment to you because I’m afraid to publish in my own world….

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    • Thanks for you wonderful reply. I don’t mind the length of it at all. I appreciate your description of my writing style because that is exactly what I am going for when I sit down to write my posts. I envision writing as if I am sitting across from a friend talking to them with words flowing soft and smooth making them easy to read. I have to laugh about where your mind went when it came to my landlord burning business papers, they were merely confidential information like license plate numbers, phone numbers and the like. Things that are normally shredded by those concerned with identity theft. I assure you our landlord is a wonderful Christian man who would not dream of doing anything illegal. LOL Your description of bonfires on the beach sound wonderful, great memories you can cherish all these years later. Thank you for sharing them with me. =) Thank you as well for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave me such a nice comment.

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    • Thanks for your kind words and the follow. I really appreciate both! =) I will come visit your blog, I think I have found a new friend without even reading your first post yet. 😎 lol


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