Warning: YouTube Rant Below


Now don’t get me wrong here, I am a YouTube Partner and have a YouTube channel that I am trying to grow and that is the very reason for this rant. What is happening affects me, very much so. I want to build my subscriber base and upload videos consistently that people want to watch. I make videos, on a lot of different topics, and upload them to my channel to not only provide entertainment but to add to the knowledge base out there that is the internet. What has been happening with YouTube for the past while has me majorly ticked off. See, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be this upset. I think it is a great platform and a great way to look up information on how to do something or kill some time watching some awesome or dumb videos for a laugh. I can’t emphasize that enough! YouTube is great. What is not great is what is happening to us partners. 

We have a page that we look at called Analytics. On that page, we can look up all sorts of facts and figures. We can see how many likes and dislikes we have gotten in the previous month, quarter, year and so on. We can see how many subscribers have signed up to get notified when we upload another video. We can track how much money we are making in a given time period. Yes, you can make money on YouTube although it is a long hard haul getting to where you can make enough to live off of. It is by no means a get rich quick scheme and often takes years of hard work grinding out videos to upload and answering emails from people who comment on your videos and watching other people’s videos that you subscribe to before you see any substantial and tangible rewards. There is a lot of information we can look up on the analytics page. By doing so we are able to tweak what we are doing to get better results when it comes to the numbers.

It is what has been happening on this page as well as right on our channel that has me steamed. For the last while, I and many others like me, have been randomly losing views on our videos, losing subscribers, losing revenue through no fault of our own. For example, recently I had a video that had like 55 views at the end of the night. I wake up the next morning and suddenly that same video shows only 27 views. What??? Views – cut in half pretty much overnight. I had almost 400 subscribers and then went down to 320. I am finally climbing back out of that hole and now I am told I have 390 subscribers again.

All of these figures play into how we get paid. It is an algorithm based on how many views our videos get, how long they watched the video for, the number of subscribers, what ads played on our videos, how much those ads were paying, how many people clicked on the ads or even how long they let them play and so on. That is why it is so distressing when they start messing with the numbers and not in a way that is in our best interest (numbers going down not up).  Like I was saying before, it is a long hard haul being a YouTube partner and this kind of monkey business is very discouraging. It makes me wonder why I should keep plugging away if I am constantly being knocked back several rungs every time I turn around. So, I keep climbing the rungs of the ladder, get knocked down a few rungs and dig in and climb back up only to get knocked down again and again. Is it too much to ask that YouTube clears up all the errors (glitches?) and we get to keep the momentum we gained?