Are Aliens Among Us?

Alien abductions

You’ve seen them in movies, in documentaries, even books, comics and TV shows. Of course, I am talking about aliens. Paul, in the self-titled video, explains that we humans are being drip fed the images and stories about aliens so that we will not freak out when we actually meet them. I think this is totally believable. Okay, I know that Paul in the movie is a CGI character but his theory regarding images of aliens (usually the grays) is spot on, at least I think so. It makes sense.

You have heard reports of abductee testimony to what they saw and experienced but do you believe? As for my husband and I, we believe because let’s face it this world is just one planet among billions out there. It would be rather arrogant to think we are the only living people ever created. Aliens are people too, they just look different and maybe breathe a different atmosphere. It is totally possible, right?

Next to consider is the question of whether they are friendly or whether they want to come kick our butts, maybe take over the planet for resources or food. Maybe that food is us…what do you think? It is my opinion that if that was what they wanted to do it would have happened already. If they have the capability to traverse vast distances in space then they are obviously way more advanced than we are and would very likely defeat any kind of defense we could possibly mount.

Some theories suggest that they are possibly already here. There is some talk of alien hybrids slowly being introduced into our population from experiments performed on said abductees. Word is, the aliens extract semen and eggs from the mature men and women they abduct and mix them with their DNA. They then impregnate the women with a hybrid embryo and abduct them again months later and retrieve the babies to further incubate them on their ships. Once mature these hybrids are subtly deposited into our world where they blend in as best as possible and learn our ways, language and rituals, of course relaying all this information back up to the mother ship.

On this subject, there is more than enough information out there to consider in order to come to an informed decision. Most people would rather not think about it, not seriously at least, believing instead that if they ignore it then it won’t happen. As for myself, I am keeping my mind wide open. I am also keeping myself well informed of all the latest news and theories so that if and when anything should happen I will be ready.


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