Oh, the lazy, hazy days of summer!



Most of us long for the lazy, hazy days of summer after what seems like an eternity dealing with winter weather. I must admit I appreciate warm weather more than cold. Although, there is a limit.

This summer we have had far more than our fair share of heat waves and heat warnings where the humidex soars and people can become ill. I am asthmatic and some days this summer I have had to reach for my puffer on occasion and seek out shade, a fan, a cold drink or some way to cool down.

Trying to sleep at night when the temperature overnight is in the low 20s (degrees celsius) is not an easy task. It can leave one extremely tired the following morning when you wake up to drenched sheets and feel just as exhausted as when you laid down. You end up slogging through the next hot, humid day and you need to wash the bedding again. Ugh. Adding another chore onto the list is not what one needs when a lack of sleep is involved.

Is it hot where you are? We have been extremely fortunate to have found and rented this amazing apartment out in the country. Our landlords are absolutely wonderful people and they graciously allow us to share their swimming pool, especially when the heat is stifling. We are lucky indeed and thankful to have found this oasis in the desert that this summer represents.

Speaking to my sister has made me aware that many people are faced with drought and this heat combined with a lack of rain, to cool off the temperatures and water the parched grass and earth, is putting everyone in these areas at risk of fires and heat-related illnesses. Rather than the images pictured above people in those areas are faced with images such as these.



Without a doubt, water levels in area lakes and streams are down to all time lows. Likewise, hydro bills are soaring as we resort to fans and air conditioners to at least keep our homes cooler. Fire bans are going up in these dry areas for fear that a random errant spark could begin a fire that would quickly become out of control and not easily put out.

My sister has even mentioned that she has seen leaves falling from the trees ahead of the normal fall schedule due to the lack of moisture. Sad indeed, considering it is still officially summer.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, my friends. I do appreciate it and if it is hot, humid and dry where you are please remember to stay hydrated, find shade, stay cool and stay well.


19 thoughts on “Oh, the lazy, hazy days of summer!

  1. Ah, summer. My favorite time of the year. Well, we don’t have much choice. We can only have rainy or sunny days. During summer, the days are hot and humid you will wish for a beach trip every day. I hope you’re enjoying your summer, Susan. And be careful with too much heat too. 🙂

    PS I’m not sure if the first comment I’ve typed was posted so I’ve made another one.


    • I hope you are enjoying your summer as well Mitch. We all deserve to get out and enjoy the weather when we can. I am enjoying my summer so far…sure there are hot humid days but I have a pretty decent tan going and there have been lots of dips in the swimming pool so we are not suffering too much. LOL

      PS I got your first comment too, it was waiting for me to moderate it for some reason. I will have to check my settings. I thought I had it set for moderation once and then it would simply post people I had already approved once. Thanks for the heads up so I can go check that out. =)

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      • The summer season’s over but we still have sunny days from time to time, a breather from the rain. Cheers for the pretty decent tan!

        Aw, that’s why I can’t check whether it got posted. Must be the settings. You’re welcome, Susan. 🙂


      • Aww, sorry to hear your summer season is over but I am glad you have sunny days sometimes. Thanks for the compliment about my tan. =)

        Oh, I took care of the problem with comments. I had an extra box ticked somehow…that all comments had to be manually approved AND the box was ticked for commenter must have a previously approved comment in order to post a reply. So, I unticked the manually approved one and that should take care of it since you have been approved many times before. LOL =) Thank you so much for being a frequent visitor and commenter on my blog Mitch. I appreciate it more than you know. =)

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  2. Ah, summer. My favorite time of the year. It’s only either sunny or rainy from where I am. If it’s summer, the days are hot and humid. The tropical sun takes care of it, that’s why it’s always a great treat to go to the beach and have a long nice soak. Enjoy your summer, Susan! And be careful too. 🙂


  3. Ah, summer! My favorite time of the year. Where I am, it’s always hot and humid. The tropical sun takes care of that. It’s always a treat to go to the beach.


  4. Whenever I see, or hear, the words to your title, I can’t help but stop and sing that fun barbershop quartet song in my head! AHHH I think it might be stuck there for a while!

    I feel your pain with the heat! But I am such a winter person. It is finally hotter here during the day in South Korea than in Ontario. I spent last weekend there enjoying sleeping with the windows open since the temps were dropping to 15-17 degrees. It was lovely. Once I got back, apparently we have hit a heat wave. It’s 8am, 27 degrees, a “real feel” of 31. By noon it’s suppose to be 32 degrees with a “real feel” of 43! In Ontario I was happy when it cooled down over night. Here if the temperature is 32 during the day, over night it only drops to maybe 27. I am in love with my air conditioner right now.


    • Thanks for your wonderful comment! I am so sorry for the song stuck in your head. 😉 LOL Wow, yes those temperatures would make anyone fall in love with their air conditioner I think. I am glad to hear you are finding ways to stay cool. Today the base temperature was 35 degrees and after factoring in the humidex it made it feel like 42 degrees. It is hard to breathe at those temps. I might just turn into a winter person…very soon now. =)

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      • Oh it’s ok! I like songs like that stuck in my head 😉 I am very much a winter person! If only there would be a way for the snow to never fall on the roads, then I would love it even more HAHA


      • =) LOL, thanks, now I don’t need to feel guilty for sticking them there. No snow on the roads…hmm, what a wonderful world we would live in if that could happen. I might start actually liking winter at that point too. 😉

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