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Today’s post was inspired by The Daily Prompt, the one-word subject – Profound

Let’s start this discussion with the definition of profound, shall we? I would just like to make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to our understanding of what the word means.

From the Gage Canadian Dictionary Second Printing 1984 Edition:

(page 898)

profound – adj. 1.very deep: a profound sigh, a profound sleep.

2.deeply felt; very great: profound despair, profound sympathy.

3. having or showing a great depth of knowledge or understanding: a profound book, a profound thinker.

4. low; carried far down; going far down: a profound bow.

[ME < OF < L profundus < pro~ towards + fundus bottom] – pro-foundly, adv. – pro-foundness, n.

What an interesting word this is, profound. Just the mere sound of the word imparts a sense of intense knowledge to me. It implies that something, be it thought, experience, knowledge has been hard earned. Indeed, my life has brought me a lot of profound moments and experiences and knowledge over the years. All these profound things have given my life a substance and depth that I doubt I would otherwise have known. You know what they say…even though my life has been hard I wouldn’t change a thing because everything that has happened to me has made me the person I am today.

Major clinical depression has been haunting me for many, many years now. Every now and then the chemical balances in my brain change and I need medication for a while to pull me out of the blue funk that steals my life away. I sleep too much, I cry at the drop of a hat and I lose interest in everything that once gave me happiness. You could say I have a profound understanding of the depths of despair depression can take you to. I could describe that feeling, that ennui, to someone in the throws of depression and they would agreeably nod their head knowing that I know what they are going through. I have this same sense myself, having been through countless therapists and well-meaning friends who try to empathize when they have never been there themselves. Immediately, I can tell that they really don’t understand and can’t empathize but merely sympathize with my condition.

The same can be said of my experiences as an abuse survivor. I can tell when someone does not truly understand what it is like and the challenges one faces from that side of a relationship where words and fists are thrown with the intent to hurt. It is through my experiences over the years learning when it is safe to speak, to dare to figure out a plan to get away (or to even imagine that getting away was a possibility) that I have a profound knowledge of what it means to have the freedom to be me taken away. I am thankful that I now know what it means to be free to be myself and not live in fear anymore.

Life itself is a profound experience, a profound journey if you will. How can it not be? Everything that happens to you has to affect you in some way. I mean really consider it, you are a thinking and feeling human being and what happens to you makes a difference in your life. It makes you feel something, believes something or changes something for you. That has a deep impact on the person you become as you get older. You gain knowledge from all the situations you go through just by the virtue of going through them. That knowledge will tell you if it is something you should strive to experience again or if it is something to be avoided in future.

Your life does not have to be horrible to be profound either. As the dictionary entry suggests you can be a profound thinker or write a profound book or have a profound effect on someone else. I would be interested to hear if anything profound has happened in your life that you would care to share in the comments section below. Is it the profound happiness you feel at becoming a parent for the first time? Maybe it is winning the lottery that has made a profound change in your life knowing that you do not have to worry about paying the bills anymore. Don’t we all wish that were true? LOL

Have a wonderful day/night my friends and thank you as always for dropping by my blog to read my thoughts in this post. I do appreciate it, very much. 🙂 You guys rock!


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  1. De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine; over and over I chanted this mantra. From the depths, I have cried out to you, O Lord… exaudi vocem meam; Lord, hear my voice. (Psalm 130). I agonized in pain, the worst pain in my life: total knee surgery. Gall bladder was painful, doubling-up pain, heart-attack-like pain. But the knee-throbbing-pain. De profundis….I cried, and they brought more morphine. What a great posting!

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