What The Heck Is Going On?


If this is not your first visit to my blog you will have noticed that I have changed a few things. The tweaking will continue until I am happy with how my blog looks. They say change is as good as a rest, don’t they?

I have decided to do some deep thinking about my blog and try different things out to see how they look and feel. My previous theme was Truly Minimal and that it was. It started feeling very sparse and blah.

So, it is time to change things up.

Do you like the chalkboard? I really like the imagery of writing in chalk because it can be erased so easily. Do you remember being in school and being chosen to clean the board after school? I do. I loved doing that for some reason.

To me, the chalkboard is representative of life too. Let’s face it life can be erased just as easily. One moment you are here and the next you may not be. I am not trying to be morbid here but I am trying to explain my gravitation toward the chalkboard.

I close my eyes and see myself up in front of the class (in front of all of you lovely people) writing about my life and all the inner workings of my mind on the board while I talk to you. Not to worry, I brought enough to share with the class. LOL

My blog name and tagline are  undergoing changes for similar reasons. Now that I have 58 blog posts (this one is 59) I feel the need to have my blog name and tagline more accurately reflect the kind of content I am putting up here. I need it to fit with how I see this blog and what it means to me.

Please hang in there with me during the renovations while I figure this out. My blog will not change from what it essentially is now but I want to bring the other elements into line to better reflect my vision of how I see this online home of mine.


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