Do You Believe In Ghosts?

ghost by a grave

Today’s post is  brought to you by the one word Daily Prompt  Ghost

This subject tends to divide people into one group or another, that is if they discuss the topic at all. There are three basic groups. I thought I would explore the idea and fill you in on my experiences with ghosts. That’s right, I am in the believer group.

There are the believers who swear by the existence of ghosts, most have a story to tell or a television show they saw showing the actions of a poltergeist (that’s a ghost who can move objects). Then there are all the mediums who can speak to the dearly departed, at least they say they can.

Okay, now, the other group are the skeptics. These people poo-poo the idea that ghosts even exist. Not only have they not had any experiences with ghosts their faith tells them that it is just not possible. You either go to Heaven or Hell and there is no middle ground where you hang around to haunt the living.

The third and final group of people are the undecided.These people have not made a decision one way or the other. Their minds are open to the possibility that ghosts could be real but have not yet found absolute proof that would allow them to claim belief in these earthbound spirits. This also means that with no absolute proof they exist also means that they have also not found any absolute proof that they don’t exist. Hmm, what is a person to do? Why one needs to sit on the fence about the subject of course! LOL

Alright, finally we are at the part where I tell you of my experiences with ghosts. Yes, that’s right, ghosts…plural. I will relate to you two separate incidences where I came face to face with undeniable proof that this is real. I was extremely close to my maternal Grandmother. I just adored her – her manner of speaking and the compassion she showed me when my Grandfather (her husband) teased me just for fun being just two of the reasons I loved her.

Anyway, I digress, when she passed on about a week after her funeral I woke up one night and sat straight up in bed. I could smell her perfume and I felt her presence in the room with me. I was missing her terribly and believe she had come to visit me to reassure me she was okay and was still with me.

I hear you…you are saying that I was just overcome with grief and I dreamt all this in order to comfort myself. Well, years and years later I was visiting my best friend’s house in another city and was curious to see this new house of hers because she claimed it was haunted. After the experience with my Grandmother’s spirit, I was open to another encounter with the other side.

My first night of the three I spent with her that long weekend there was a loud crashing noise that brought everyone out to the living room. There were noises coming from the kitchen as well, that sounded like dishes rattling in the cupboard.

In the living room, we discovered several of my friends CD cases on the floor a few feet from the shelving they were on prior to going to bed that night. As we stood there staring at the mess on the floor more CDs launched off the shelves flew through the air and landed on top of the pile in the middle of the floor.

We all backed out of the room and went down the hallway to the kitchen to find the cupboard doors open and all the cups, plates and bowls shoved to the back wall of the cupboards. One cup lay smashed on the countertop. This was without a doubt a poltergeist. Proof positive to me anyway.

Please tell me in the comment section if you have ever had any experiences with ghosts or poltergeists. I would be really interested to know. Or, are you someone who is a skeptic – can you tell me why? I would be really interested to hear about that too.

Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my thoughts and questions once again my friends. Have a wonderful day/night and I shall be talking to you again in my next post. =)