Old Before My Time =(


I don’t know about you but I never thought I would get this old this quickly. When I was young, in grade school and even high school, time seemed to drag on and on.

Summer vacations from school were the best and seemed to last long past the point of boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking boredom the way the kids today mean when they say they are bored.

We actually went outside to play. There were no video games or cell phones or the portable tech we have now. I was a bit of a tomboy actually…I climbed trees and made mud pies as well as went hiking out in the back forty to explore the massive fields that surrounded our house.

I didn’t get into the whole makeup or fashion craze that girls my age naturally gravitated to. I did have a doll or two but they were by no means the only things I played with.

I remember cardboard dolls and paper clothes with tabs you folded over to dress them with.  I remember big console tv sets. I believe our tv in the living room was a Hitachi with an elaborate wooden cabinet and speakers built in on each side of the picture tube.

Now I am sounding just like my grandparents did when they described their childhood to me. Oh boy, that is the true marker of age, isn’t it? Telling the current generation how good they’ve got it and how much harder it was in our day.

What is the hallmark for telling off these young whipper snappers? The whole walking to school uphill both way in the deep snow and all that speech? Now I know I am getting old.

Please don’t misunderstand me here, I am not saying I am ready for a retirement home in any way, shape or form. Just that I am noticing some distinct changes in the way things are now as opposed to when I was growing up.

Perhaps it is the community I have moved into out here in the country that has been the catalyst for where my thoughts are heading lately. Perhaps it is my mother’s and then my sister’s birthday that have reminded me that my  birthday is in just a few more months.

In any case, I have been noticing things that give me pause. Like the skin on the backs of my hands. They now resemble what my grandmother’s hands used to look like. Old lady hands I call them, with loose skin and the veins showing more.

Looking in the mirror now I see my Great Aunt Bea with her clip-on earrings (although mine are pierced) and saggy jowls, it forces me to think, where did the time go?  Where on earth did this old lady come from?

Recalling some of my older memories it feels like I have lived several lifetimes; like that couldn’t have all happened to me, that much time hasn’t passed, surely I am not that old!

My body reminds me some days that, yes, I am indeed getting older. My joints snap and pop (that started when I turned 40), my hair needs a dye kit every 6- 8 weeks or the gray hair can be noticed starting at the roots (that started when I was 19) but it all bothers me more now.

I get tired faster too. I used to be able to stay up pretty much around the clock and now midnight finds me nodding off on the couch while watching a movie. Gone are the party days when I was hanging out with friends, going out to bars, or talking into the wee hours of the morning.

Weight is not as easy to lose now either. Don’t even get me started on the joys of menopause! LOL That is a nice little welcome to old age present for us women. Pfft, please read this last bit as the sarcasm it is intended to be.

There is some freedom that comes with old age, though. Yes, there are upsides to all this. These days I don’t care how much other people like me, I wear a bikini when I go swimming now and have done so for that past two or three years.

Then can we talk about the senior discounts at stores that are in my not too distant future? Who doesn’t like saving money? 10 -15% off for seniors every Tuesday the signs in the window  proclaim. Some even start at age 55 although most stores say eligible seniors are qualified at age 60 +.

I don’t mean to sound depressing here folks, but I figured I would share my recent thoughts on age and how I feel about all this to see if any of you can relate to what I find myself going through.

Time is passing so much more quickly now and that puts me squarely in the category of those not thrilled with this turn of events. Yes, tick my name off in that column on the questionnaire, please.

I am still the younger version of myself on the inside, though…so I guess it is not all that bad. As long as I keep her safe in there this outside part can change all it needs to.

Where Does The Time Go?  (link will open in a new window) is a post I wrote about 7 months ago. That post was more about the speed of time passing and, although I touch on that a bit in this post, the main focus of this post is the changes I am noticing as I get older.

Thank you for dropping by my blog to read my thoughts and feelings once again, my friends. I really appreciate your support. =) Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are when you are reading this.