Can You Relate To Trying To Lose Weight?


Today I want to talk a bit about the battle of the bulge, as it were. Right now I am a little frustrated with trying to lose weight.

Since last April I have lost a total of 35 pounds. I did this by cutting what I used to eat in approximately half. I have also been keeping a closer eye on the ingredient labels of the foods I buy.

Having Type 2 Diabetes helps keep me searching for healthier alternatives to what I am used to eating too. I have been diagnosed for almost four years now.

Now, losing weight is helping but I still have another Β 20 to 25 pounds I want to drop.Here is the rub; I seem to have hit a plateau.

I have been hovering at my present weight for months now. I gain a pound or two and then lose a pound or two.

I am trying something new in order to tip the scales once more in my favor and hopefully get me off this dang plateau. I have stopped taking sugar in my tea.

It was only one teaspoon per mug that I was adding but the way I figure it; it all adds up. My doctor is pleased although he would like to see me cut back on the number of mugs as well.

All I have to say to that is one thing at a time Doc. LOL, I tackled quitting smoking (it has been almost four years since my last cigarette) and now my battle is with weight and food.

Once I have this current battle under some sort of control I will be working on the exercise I need. What was that? You say I should be exercising while I am working on my diet?

My dear friends, I work best changing one thing at a time. Besides that, I get lots of activity in my day. I do household chores and now I have beautiful floors to keep clean.

The color of this flooring shows every errant piece of dust so I am constantly sweeping or swiffering the entire apartment as that is where the dark brown flooring is.

Then there is laundry, dishes, making the bed, plus I have RC vehicles I drive which I am always chasing after to flip back onto their wheels. Just check out my YouTube channel for some videos featuring the RCs.

Here is a quick link to the main page of my YouTube Channel in case you haven’t been over to visit it before. The link will open in a new window so you can keep reading here until you are ready to go have a look.

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On top of all that, we are often at the mall and there is lots of walking. My husband has a fast pace and I hustle to keep up. Let me tell you; it is quite the workout.

So, what I am trying to say is that I do move quite a bit throughout my day. I just don’t do exercises in the traditional sense of the word.

My husband has had similar losses from doing the same sort of thing. He has been cutting back on quantity and switching off to sugar-free pop.

His preferred drink is pop and mine is tea. We are both trying to cut the sugar out. Years ago he switched from sugar laden pop to the diet variety with sucralose instead of aspartame.

I agree, it is only marginally better for him but I will support this choice over aspartame content any day.

We finally have a scale in our house that is accurate. I weighed in at my doctor’s office one day and came home to step on my own scales. They were the same!

I try not to step on the scale too often, maybe once or twice a week, always in the morning, before I put a single sip or bite in my mouth I check where my weight is currently registering.

When I step on the scale I am also in the buff. I want my actual weight without the need to subtract an unknown number for the clothes I happen to be wearing.

Let me clarify, I am not trying to lose weight out of some need to conform to societies twisted standards of what is considered beautiful. I am losing the weight for my health.

My diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes was a wake-up call for me. That was the day the truth really sank in and I knew I could no longer live as carelessly as I had been up to that point.


The first thing my doctor told me was that smoking was really bad for me, especially now, because diabetes plays havoc with the blood vessels and so does smoking.

So, that was the first step I tackled on my journey to better health. I used the prescription called Champix or Chantix depending on the country you live in.

Oh, how I wish there was a prescription I could take to lose weight. I am really good at taking my medications. I am not so great at choosing foods or portions of food.

I am trying, though, and life is a live and learn situation after all. Unless I am mistaken none of us has a users manual with complete instructions on what to do and how.

I must be doing something right somewhere along the line or the 35 pounds would not have gone the way it did.

Lucky for me I am still on oral medication for diabetes. The drug is called metformin but I am on the highest dose I can take.

I was informedΒ and have since done a lot of research to confirm, that diabetes is a chronic, progressive (gradually worsening) disease.

My pancreas still produces insulin to deal with sugar levels in my blood however my body has gone into what they term as insulin resistance.

The insulin does not work the way it should to move the sugar from my blood into the cells where it can be used for energy.

My doctor tells me that in an effort to get the sugar out of my blood my pancreas will go into overdrive and become exhausted.

There are other medications to try in various combinations but eventually I may need to inject insulin.This is why I am now desperate to get control of my weight and help my body do it’s job as best I can.

Sorry for the side track and mini lesson on Type 2 Diabetes but it does explain my quest for lower numbers on that scale sitting in my bathroom.


Do you have any tips or tricks to losing weight? Would you please share them with me in the comment section? Thank you in advance for any and all help you can provide. πŸ™‚

I appreciate you stopping by my blog to read my thoughts once again my friends. Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are when you are reading this. πŸ™‚







11 thoughts on “Can You Relate To Trying To Lose Weight?

  1. I am on that plateau. Yes, it sucks. But consider the alternative. You are doing so great! I was trying to rid myself of sleep apnea, my severe. I had to get my BMI from 38 to 35.0 = 234# I did it. From 270 to 235. No more severe; low to moderate. The machine is in the closet. No more Lisinopril; Coreg from 6.25 to 3.125. I got the sugar down by cutting down on the soda pop; you’re right. No alcohol. NONE! (No scotch? NOPE!) But the chocolate withdrawals are murder! Your posting is so much good stuff. However, my back and knees don’t allow for much exercise, much walking. There is my one (or more) problems I must worry about. I’m rooting for ya! OH. We stopped the daily/nightly infusion of i-scream before bed…. Oh, no rum raisin.

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    • Congratulations! Well done getting away from that machine. One of our friends has sleep apnea and refuses to use a machine. Thanks for the encouragement I do tend to look at the wrong side of things sometimes. I seem to naturally focus on the negative so thank you for the reminder to look at how well I am doing. I can believe it about the chocolate 🍫 withdrawals and no I scream! Have you tried frozen 🍦? It is much better for you and can trick your brain into thinking it is I scream when you want a frozen treat. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your support.

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  2. Hitting a plateau with weight loss sucks! A friend of mine who is a physio therapist told me that the only way to break it is to change up something. Your first drop was from your intake of food. Which was a major accomplishment! Way to go!! But now that you’ve hit your plateau, you will need to change the other factor (exercise) to change it up. I once read that in order to maintain a healthy amount of exercise, one should be sweating for 30 minutes a day. That might be a little unrealistic for someone just starting out, but try adding it in once a week. Heart rate up, sweating, for 30 minutes.

    Good luck in reaching your weight loss goal! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much! That makes a lot of sense actually…I will have to try that. I’ll write another post to update my progress and let you know if there is progress for one and what helped for two. I do appreciate the tips, thanks again! πŸ€”πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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      • No problem! πŸ™‚ Something I always keep in mind is that our bodies are determined to keep the status quo – weight, and energy levels etc. So while you do get a lot of exercise by doing the daily things in your life (and it sounds like you are up and moving a lot!) your body is used to that so it compensates for that amount of energy use. It needs to be challenged and forced into using more. Good luck!

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