Where Do You Go To Get A Clone Made?

Today’s post is thanks to the inspiration taken from one of the 365 Days Of Writing Prompts

Clone wars: If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?



My husband would love the topic of this post.  I am quite sure he thinks that would be just wonderful; though not for the same reasons as I would.

Before I get into the splitting up of responsibilities I think we should consider for a moment what it would be like living with another you.

I mean, how crazy would it be to see an exact copy of yourself sharing the house with you and your spouse? Come to think of it would your spouse know which one is the original you?

From the question, I am of the understanding that this clone would be a real live human being made from your DNA. We are not talking about robots here after all.

Imagine, an exact replica human being that looks like you acts like you and talks like you.  I am not sure I could deal with seeing myself from the outside like that and telling myself what to do.

This would certainly be a weird dynamic to wrap your head around and it would take a great deal of adjustment in order to get used to the realities of what that situation would entail.

Would the clone you have the same thoughts and feelings as you do? Would the clone me react the same way as I would when it comes to being the house drudge who does all the cooking and cleaning?

I guess it boils down to the specifics of just what a clone is versus what we are. We are born and grow up going through experiences  that change who we are and how we see the world.

We learn as we go and that changes how we interact with other people and helps us form opinions of what goes on in our surroundings.

Does a clone? Would you have to wait for a clone to grow from embryo to adulthood and if so would that not bring about a fundamental difference from the original?

They would be growing up in the present day instead of being born in 1961 like I was. Right there, things would be different experientially.

If I had to wait for my clone to grow up to the age I am now it would take 54 years and I would likely be dead before that happened or somehow miraculously be 108 years old!

On the other hand, if clones could be produced to be an exact replica much like making a photocopy of the original; BAM, Susan #2 fully grown and able to share my closet full of  clothes. That, my friends, would be a different story.


I think I might even get a little jealous that the second me got to take the easy way, a shortcut if you will, to getting to where I am now.

No dealing with going to school and nor having her heart broken over and over would certainly be easier.

But, if our cumulative experiences help to shape who we are this would mean my clone would be nothing like me except maybe in looks.

Okay, let’s suppose that a clone is somehow exactly like you in every way; looks, personality, attitudes, etc. How would I split the responsibilities?

This could be fun; not having  been able to dictate to anyone before. I don’t have to care how she feels about what I assign to her either, right?

Obviously, I would task her with all the cooking and cleaning. I would also get her to mend our clothes when they needed it. She would shovel the walkway clear of snow in the winter too.

In fact, she would get all the boring, repetitive, tedious jobs that are usually part of my bailiwick. This would leave me free to enjoy life for a change.

I could spend time reading, indulging in my artwork and perhaps learn a new technique or two. I would now have time to not only write my blog but produce videos for my YouTube channel too.

I think a nap every afternoon would be in order as well. I mean, why not? My life would become one of leisure and I wouldn’t feel taken for granted when it comes to keeping this household running every day.

Hubby and I could curl up on the couch and watch movies to our heart’s content as we like to do currently without one or both of us falling asleep midway through the movie like we do currently.  😉

Wait a minute…something I haven’t considered yet. Put the brakes on this whole clone thing until we get this clearly understood.

The clone would not have anything to do with my husband. I mean nothing; I can be very jealous when it comes to that sort of thing. That would be a deal breaker for sure.

Where would Susan #2 sleep anyway? I suppose we could find a closet to put a rollaway cot in if it comes to that.


It would be creepy to relegate my doppelganger to that extreme of sleeping quarters but let’s face it lines have to be drawn and boundaries firmly established.

You know what? Let’s just call this whole clone experiment off. It is stressing me out too much just thinking of all the ramifications.


I can only imagine living with this situation. As nice as the idea of getting out of all this work is in theory, I think I would rather remain in control, thank you very much!

How about you, my friends? Would you get a clone? How would you deal with this or would you? Would you welcome a clone of yourself into your home?

Please let me know in the comments. I am curious as to what the consensus is out there in cyberspace. My thanks to you, as always, for stopping by to read my thoughts here today.




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  1. There is a movie called “Multiplicity” that gives this clone business a good hard looksee. Doug Kinney never has time for his family. It’s work work work. One day a scientist offers him the opportunity to have himself cloned. He does and gives the clone his work. He gets to spend time with his family. But the clone is overworked too. So he has himself cloned. This keeps happening until there is a clone of a clone of a clone. The last clone on the evolutionary scale is slower than dirt. As you can see, this is not a good idea.

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