Why I NEED To Write


Surprise! I am actually writing  a post not based on a prompt. LOL This is something I have been thinking a great deal about lately and a great topic for writing in a blog post.

Hello everyone, today I thought I would talk to you about writing. More specifically I thought I would talk to you about what writing means to me.

I have wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember. Perhaps the reason I have not achieved that goal yet is because I lack the discipline to keep working on a manuscript.

Perhaps it is the fear of failure that keeps me from sticking my neck out and actually creating a manuscript to submit to publishers.

However, there is something deep inside of me will not let the dream of becoming a writer die.

Chances are one day I will conquer my fears, establish a routine and the discipline required to produce said manuscript.

The thing is I do not want to go to my grave with any regrets or wonder what could have been if only I had pushed through my reticence and freed the book that I know is within me begging to be written.

What would I write about? I can hear you asking so I will tell you; my life story. I have been through a lot of things I think people will be able to relate to.

Maybe someone out there (hopefully lots and lots of someones) will want to read my story. No, I am not someone famous, nor do I have a glamorous life that will make people want to flock to bookstores to buy my book but one can hope.

Still, I feel like I have something to say; something of value to contribute to the universe.

I have joked around with my friends before when discussing the thought of writing my life story. What has gotten the most laughs and nods of agreement, is the idea that librarians would not know whether to shelve it under fiction or non-fiction.

Apart from the whole book idea, there are a lot of other examples of writing that I do on a sort of regular basis.

There are things like this blog, shopping lists, journaling (not as regularly as I should; see comment about my lack of discipline above), sentiments written in cards, cheques (does anybody do that anymore?)  and so on.


Along with the various forms writing takes there are just as many media with which to write.

Personally, I prefer using a computer as editing is quick and easy; with practice, even these corrections on the fly will not slow down or interrupt your writing.

You must, however, remember to save your work often. A piece of advice I have had over the years and have never forgotten is this; save your work as often as you are willing to redo it.

In other words, save every half hour if you are willing to redo that half hour’s worth of work should something go wrong.

This is one thing I appreciate with WordPress; it autosaves quite frequently leaving me to concentrate on the words I am putting on the screen instead of worrying how long it has been since the last save.

I tend to think of writing in terms of producing a manuscript and submitting it to a publisher in hopes of getting a book deal. I want a book actually printed on paper and bound  between covers with a graphic on the front and my picture on the back.

I want a book actually printed on paper and bound  between covers with a graphic on the front and my picture on the back.

It has to have a tempting synopsis that will make readers want to pick up and purchase my book.

I would love to have Stephen King, my favorite author, say something kind about my book along the lines of he couldn’t put it down. 😉

I like, no, I prefer reading real books as opposed to e-books on a device like Kobo or Kindle or whatever.

This blog is not about reading, though, it is about writing and the only reason I bring up reading is to underline what form I want my writing to be published in.

Writing endures for years and years. I want that to be part of my legacy; passing on things I have learned and experienced in this life to generations into the future.


What I am curious about is how you feel about writing…is there a book inside of you wanting to get out into the world or is blogging as far as you want to take it?

Please let me know in the comment section what you think about writing; what it means to you and for you.

Thanks for once again stopping by my blog to read my thoughts on this subject. I really appreciate your support and your input. Have yourselves a wonderful day/night, as always. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I NEED To Write

  1. Hi Susan,
    You not only need to write, you should write. I’ve read your writing in this blog post and many others, and you have a distinctive flair. Your writing is conversational, interesting, and honest. There is a book about writing memoir that you might enjoy. It’s called “The Art of Memoir” by Mary Karr. I’ve read it and have to say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Mary Karr’s actual memoirs. I’d recommend them first – start with “The Liar’s Club.”

    But I digress. The reason I’m mentioning “The Art of Memoir” is twofold. It is all about being fiercely honest, a trait you already have. I think you’d like Karr’s way of writing including this comment – “In some ways, writing a memoir is knocking yourself out with your own fist, if it’s done right.”

    And my other reason is because Stephen King offers praise for Mary’s actual memoirs. I don’t know if he read “The Liar’s Club” or one of her other two – “Cherry” or “Lit” (all good) – but here’s what he said: “I was stunned by Mary Karr’s memoir…Not just by its ferocity, it’s beauty, and by her delightful grasp of the vernacular, but by its totality.”

    You’ll be able to get any of Mary Karr’s work through your local library. No need to read a screen!


    • Hi Karen,
      Wow, thank you for your wonderful compliments about my writing. I am glad you like it; the way you describe it as conversational, interesting and honest is exactly what I was going for. I will definitely look up Mary Karr’s work at my local library and will go with your recommendation of starting with Liar’s Club. Having read them yourself I will trust your instincts.

      I really like the quotation you included in your comment, from Mary’s writing, about writing a memoir being like knocking yourself out with your own fist, if it’s done right. What a visual that conjures up! The fact that Stephen King offers praise for her work means a heck of a lot to me. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to make Stephen King a “constant reader” of my work. LOL

      I appreciate all of your support for my blog; not only reading my posts but taking the time to leave encouraging and thoughtful comments. Thanks! 🙂


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