A Plot Of Land On Which To Build My Dreams

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A plot of earth You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?


Apparently, I have been given a plot of land to do with as I please. It is a massive plot of earth, indeed. It is mind blowing that someone would just hand this over to me!

Having logged into my bank account on my computer this morning I was stunned once again when I looked at the figures in the balance column.

I don’t know how they did it but somehow the people who gave me this land have also granted my bank account with enough money to develop it as I please. There is no limit!

Eager to get started I rub my hands together and laugh with maniacal fervency. I can’t believe the chance is finally mine to do something on this scale.

As I was starting to explain; this plot of land is massive somewhere in the order of 100 acres. Since I have all the funds I need I have decided to divide it into multiple plots and develop each according to my designation.

The first 10 acres will serve as my home, my base of operations if you will. On this section of the plot, I will sculpt the grounds into gently rolling expanses of manicured lawn with room at the center for my house.

There will be a variety of trees dotted here and there around the property to provide shade. Perhaps I will one day hang a swing from one should it grow into an accomodating shape.


The gates at the entrance will be grand and yet welcoming. Something like this.



The house I will build here has tons of room planned for friends and family that wish to come and visit me. Of course, there will be a staff wing. I will need some help keeping it clean and functioning.

There must be a huge pool enclosed with glass so I can swim even when it is raining or snowing outside. Okay, the construction crew have begun work on my plans here. Let’s move to the next section.

The next section to be divided off will be 40 acres in size. On this part of the plot I will construct rows and rows of townhouses.

There will be streets and other infastructure implemented to make living here comfortable.

One main thing about this developement is the rent will be way more affordable than found anywhere else.

I know all too well the struggle of trying to decide whether to pay the bills or buying food and paying rent.


Each of these townhouses will be bright, cheery and modern. They will be self sufficient with laundry facilities in each unit and all the appliances supplied.

I want my tenants to have the best of everything. Appliances will include; washer, dryer, fridge, stove and a dishwasher. Most will be three bedroom units with some two bedroom units.

Phew! That is half of the plot I was given taken care of. Shall we see what the rest of the area will be comprised of?

20 acres will be home to the biggest RC Park ever in this area. It will have hedges dividing it up further into different types of spaces for the different types of RCs used.

In case you are not familiar RC stands for radio controlled and this refers to vehicles of all kinds. Planes, quadcopters, helicopters, hexacopters all fly via remote control and they need air space.

There are also land vehicles such as 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive trucks, truggys (a combination of trucks and buggy styles), cars, stadium trucks, monster trucks, tanks, crawlers and trailers.

These require tracks to race along or drive slowly (trailing) plus large open areas to bash on where burnouts and donuts can happen as well as jumps off of ramps.

For the water RC vehicles; boats, submarines, and various other watercraft I will have a huge shallow water course built. It will be large in square footage but only two feet deep.

This way people in the hobby will be able to zip around with their machines. Yet should they flip over or run into problems while away from the edges  it will be no problem walking out to retrieve it.

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to fetch boats when driving them on natural lakes and they capsize. One must swim out to get it and face the very real problem of the current carrying it away faster than you can get to it.

Of course also included in this RC Park will be a repair studio where parts will be stocked and benches and tools available when a vehicle requires some mending or upgrading.

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Let’s see…that is 70 acres taken care of. What shall I do with the remaining 30 acres? I am considering opening an outdoor all inclusive park setting. I will have room for everyone’s outdoor fun.

There will be playground areas for children large and small. Pleasant pathways will wind through wooded areas for those interested in going for a walk, hike, jog or bike ride.

Tennis courts, basketball courts and baseball diamonds will be available should a team need a place to play.

In the very center of that 30 acres will be a building dedicated to refreshments and rest.


Welcome to my 100 acre development my friends. Please let me know if there is anything more you require; there is still money in my bank account and if it can fit in one of the areas I have created I would be more than happy to do so.

Thank you for coming to visit. There is a room waiting for you in the main house…I will be with you shortly. 🙂 I am so happy you’re here!




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  1. Hi Susan, How about a library, with separate wings where writers can have privacy to work yet easy access to books? And a studio where you and your guests can enjoy full expression of all forms of creativity from visual arts to music. Surely there must be a practice room somewhere for your mandolin work!

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