Update & Saying Goodbye To 2016


How was your Christmas this year?

Well hello there! So happy to see you here; pull up a chair and grab a hot beverage of your choice. I wanted to fill you in on how Christmas went, talk about 2016 drawing to a close and what that means to me.

Okay, so Christmas was absolutely terrific for me this year. My son, his wife and my two and a half-year-old grandson came to visit for the day on Christmas Day.

Pardon me while I do the proud Grandma thing and share a photo or two of the little guy. Isn’t he adorable?


This is my son and daughter in law trying to get him to rest a bit while they try to recoup some of their energy. LOL, I asked my son Jim where Ethan gets his energy from and Jim swears he steals it from both of them.


They brought us a present but as far as I was concerned their visit was a treasured present to me. According to his parents, Ethan did not nap at all on the two hour trip to our place.

He then spent the entire day ripping around from one end of our apartment to the other and back again. The only time he slowed down was after dinner.

We did try to get him to nap earlier in the afternoon when we put on DVDs of cartoons to entertain him and slow him down enough to get sleepy.

The Christmas decorations are now back in storage for another year as I prepare to say goodbye to 2016 and ring in 2017.

So what are your plans for the New Year?

I am still thinking about and trying to define what I want 2017 to look like for myself. I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because every single time I have tried I ultimately crash and burn not long after January first!

That leaves me feeling horrible and berating myself for not being able to stick with anything. I dislike the idea of giving myself yet one more opportunity to mess up so I tend to avoid it like the plague.

There is a website that I love to visit and the topic of their latest article was Superior Alternatives to Old-School New Year’s Resolutions.

I read it and that article was so compelling and gave me a different way of looking at the subject.

Have a look at the article for yourself and see if it doesn’t get you thinking. Here is the link to the page (it will open in a new window).

Alternatives to Old-School New Year’s Resolutions article.

The new perspective I gained has me reconsidering my moratorium on making New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, I am considering actually picking out and declaring even a few goals/intentions.

While you are there; if you are a woman have a look at the entire website (don’t forget to tell your women friends and relatives) and consider subscribing (it is FREE). You will get access to a terrific e-book titled

How to Be One of the Successful 8%


A short, comprehensive guide, complete with cartoons

If you are a man you can still read the article about alternatives to old-school new year’s resolutions, of course.

The website Profound Journey is

Exploring change, creativity & self-care

A personal growth site exclusively for women


You guys can help out the women in your life and let them know about the website. 😉 I would really appreciate it if you would help me spread the word about this wonderful resource for women.

I am signed up and every time I go look at a new article I learn something new. It shows me different ways to look at things and inspires me to try new things.

Okay, so far I have a rough list of what I want to aim for starting next month and continue for the eleven months following that.

I still have a lot of thinking to do because as I mentioned it is a rough list, a start. I need to get specific about the items on that list and define them as attainable, measurable goals so I will have something specific to aim for.

It is only by doing this that I will know I have achieved the goal. That would actually be a good resolution, or goal/intention, to start with; To be proud of me, for sticking with and accomplishing even one of my goals for the year.

I still have two full days to consider and think through what I want my 2017 to look like.I think I will get this posted and go get some more thinking done before Saturday night at midnight.

Thank you for dropping by to read my words and thoughts once again. You guys are awesome! If you are making resolutions or not I still wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Would you leave me a comment and tell me how you will be celebrating the New Year? Hubby and I will be here at home when the clock strikes midnight.

There will be no champagne, no watching a countdown on TV since we don’t have access, no party to go to. Likely though there will be lots of events to watch on the internet.

See you next year! Let’s all make it a good one. 😀









11 thoughts on “Update & Saying Goodbye To 2016

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  2. Just the two of us, and the cat, and football. No alcohol. Kisses. Thanks for a good year. For blessings of no major illnesses, and for good kids. And into Year 54 together. Good Luck to us all! Warmest wishes to you!

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    • Thanks, James, for stopping by to read my blog and taking the time to comment. I really like talking with my readers. Sounds like you have a wonderful evening planned…I think all these big alcohol fuelled parties are overrated. Congratulations on 54 years coming up! That is a milestone this day and age. Wishing both of you and the cat a wonderful 2017 and a continuation of the blessings of no major illnesses and good kids. I wish you even MORE blessings in 2017. 😀

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  3. Some time ago, I quit making New Year’s Resolutions. I opted for Goals. The difference: When you break a Resolution, it’s like Humpty Dumpty. You can’t ever put him back together again. With a Goal, you don’t break it. You just re-evaluate and re-set.

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  4. I’m so happy for you, Susan, that you had such a good time with your family at Christmas. Wonderful times like that put you in the perfect frame of mind for some great goal setting for the New Year. We will all be keen to hear what your new goals will be.
    Thank you so, so much for talking about Profound Journey in your post.
    Happy goal setting, Susan. Enjoy this time of reflection and dreaming.

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    • Thanks, Karen, for not only your great comment but for being an active follower of my blog. You are right about Christmas putting me in the perfect frame of mind for some great goal setting for the New Year. It feels like I am finally coming from a good place when it comes to goal setting…with the guidelines from your article and your ebook I really believe I can do this and make it stick for 2017. So thank you for bringing your website to reality…the internet needed it and so did I. 🙂 I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year Karen.


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