Hey, I Want To Share An Idea With You!

For a while now I have been doing some serious thinking. Mostly it has been on the subject of New Years Goals and Intentions; read my last post to see what goals I settled on there.

The other thing I have been thinking about lately has been whether or not to attempt writing a book. Yes, I do want to write a novel one day or a memoir.

Those two choices would take a substantial amount of time and are more complex than I am thinking about committing to right now.

I need something to, in a sense, dip my toes in as an introduction to the world of writing. In the interim, I would like to try my hand at writing a children’s book.


I am wondering how hard a market that would be to break into but it has all the hallmarks of a wonderful project.

Writing a children’s book would combine two of my passions in one project; writing and drawing. I would have to come up with an outline of something that would be of interest to children.

I would want to make it different enough to stand out against all the children’s books out there.

The beauty of a large picture book like this is that it would be fairly short but that being said I would want it to spark a child’s imagination even though it would be short.


The thing that really started to turn up the desire to do this was when my grandson came to visit us on Christmas Day.

This idea occurred to me a long while ago but Christmas Day intensified it and really brought home the immediacy of such a project.

This has to happen soon since my grandson will remain a little guy only for so long. Already at two and a half he is growing so fast and saying a few words now.

The window of opportunity to write for him is only so long. Even if my first book is written and illustrated just for him. I could write another to get published for the general public afterward.

How special would that be to have Grandma write a storybook just for you?

I wished with all my heart that I had a big beautiful book to share with him. I want him to enjoy reading as much as I do and the idea of writing a book for that purpose just inspires me.

I think of some of the great authors of children’s books like Dr. Seuss and Robert Munsch. That kind of great authorship is what I am shooting for!


Perhaps tomorrow will find me sitting down to sketch out a few ideas as to subject matter and a vague outline to flesh out.

One of my New Year Goals is to spend one day a week doing artwork or creative projects for either my YouTube channel or here on my blog or both!

Could this be the subject of my first weekly creative artwork I set for one of my goals this year?

What do you think about me doing this? Would you be interested in seeing some sketches and ideas as I work this out on paper and not just spinning around and around in my mind?

Your input and opinions would be most welcome as I try to figure out just what this book for Ethan would look like.

In order to fit this into the short window of opportunity I have to get it into my grandson’s hands I would have to actually produce a single true original book that I could then ship to him via the mail.

After this is accomplished I could then take the time and follow the proper steps to find a way to get a children’s book published for the public.

It might even help sell my idea to a publisher if I could point to the one I made for Ethan and how he responds to it.


The more I am sharing this idea with you all the more real it is becoming. It is no longer just a private thought in my mind. This desire, goal, intention is now out there and I find my pulse quickening a bit.

Yes, I am a little afraid as well as excited at the possibilities.

Will my drawings be good enough? What about the story or theme of the book, will it be something Ethan would want to have read to him? Or will he want to get down and play with his toys on the floor?

Would you let me know in the comments what your thoughts are? I know the decision is ultimately up to me but I guess what I am asking is would you be interested in seeing some ideas and sample drawings?

Do any of you out there have young children or grandchildren? If so what kinds of books are they interested in? Do they like stories or simple learning books on colors or the alphabet?

Thank you in advance for your responses. I appreciate everyone who stops by to read my blog and those that take the time to leave a comment to let me know they were here and what they think.

Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! 🙂





8 thoughts on “Hey, I Want To Share An Idea With You!

  1. Don’t fight the urge. Just begin. “The” is a great word to begin with. Then write another and another and another. Before you know it, you’re writing “The End”. So go for it. Don’t let the Blue Meanies hold you back.

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  2. I can certainly hear your passion for a creative pursuit in this post and your love for your grandson! I can see too how the combination of these two things would lead you to consider writing and illustrating a picture book.
    I would encourage you to do the picture book for Ethan if you want to, but don’t think of it as a stepping stone to a novel or memoir. Not only are they very different projects, but children’s book authors take great umbrage in any hint of a suggestion that writing a picture book is somehow easier than writing for adults. It’s a very, very challenging task. I also know that 98% of the time, publishers of children’s picture books hire illustrators to work with authors. It is exceptionally rare now for a children’s book author to illustrate her/his own work.
    However, as I say, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it for Ethan! It would be an incredible gift for a grandmother to give to her grandchild. And writing it specifically for him means that you could make it unique to him in terms of content. How special would that be!
    My vote, if you carry on, is for a book that is a story – a story that has Ethan as main character and hero!
    Looking forward to hearing what you decide.

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    • That is some sound advice, Karen, thank you. I agree my heart really is in this for Ethan and not so much for others. Plus, the whole publishers hiring illustrators to work with authors thing does not thrill me. I want to do this for Ethan and as such, I want to do all of it. Your idea of a story with Ethan as the main character and hero sounds wonderful.

      When I mentioned it being easier to write a children’s storybook over a novel or memoir I was thinking of the time commitment and the sheer volume of words in relation to the limited number of words needed for a picture book. I know that a creative endeavor of writing a book period is by no means easy.

      Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate your help in deciding what to do. I will focus on making a special book for Ethan alone. It will be special not only because it will be a one of a kind original but also because it will be personalized to Ethan alone. I will be sure to date and inscribe the front page so he can keep it always and look back on it years and years later.

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