This is what I have been up to lately. =)

Hello, one and all! I thought it was about time I wrote another post to let you all know what I have been up to since my last post which was oh so long ago.

First, though, I would like to thank all my followers for hanging in there with me and all the new followers that have decided to read what I write here. I appreciate you all more than you know.

Okay, where to start with my news. I have no particular order in mind so I will write as things occur to me since this is not meant to be a timeline but more of a list of things I am or have been doing.

I am still doing soundboard duties at my church but now I have been learning how to run the presentation software that puts images and words up on the screen at the front of the church via the laptop and projector.


So, this means that pretty much every weekend I switch between either of these jobs. Last weekend I was on sound and it looks like this weekend I will be too unless something happens and they need me on the laptop.

I had a woman from the congregation come up to the Soundbooth last Sunday and express her pleasure in the music and quality of sound she was hearing.

Some exciting news on the soundboard front! Our church will be getting a brand new mixer (soundboard) with 24 (edited)32 channels. Our current board has 14 so this one will be much bigger and newer.

I am excited because it means I get to learn how to control this new one and we won’t have to push the system as hard since there will be more than enough space and power which will make my job easier in the end.

Along with the new board, we are getting professional powered speakers and a new flatscreen monitor for the booth. When all this new equipment arrives I am going to feel like a kid at Christmas. LOL 😀

Our New 32 channel Board enhanced pic

This is the mixer we are getting it is a Yamaha MGP32X 32 channel board.

Now, on to other news, I finally got our taxes completed and filed with the government. It is April and tax time in Canada. We have until April 31st technically but since it falls on a Sunday this year the government will still consider taxes filed on time if they receive it by May 1st.


I don’t like to leave it that late but it is a pain getting all the paperwork and receipts etc. together and filling out the forms and I dread it every year. I am so happy it is over for another year.  🙂

I have also taken on the job of getting all the music sheets together and organized for our church. Oh, what did I get myself into there!?


I had to put them in order and fill binder after binder worth so that the songs would be easy to locate for each musician or singer that went looking for a particular song.


That has been a huge undertaking that I have invested hours upon hours doing and I am thankful to report that the job is just about completed. I have to retype the indexes for each binder and take the whole huge box of binders back to the church.

Not to worry, I am taking time out from all these jobs to not only work on my YouTube channel and relax a bit too.


My channel now sits at 830 subscribers at last count and I am gaining roughly three to four more each day. It seems ever since I hit that magic number, of 500 subscribers, my channel growth has been snowballing.

If you would like to come over and check it out for yourself I will put a link here (it will open in a new window to leave your reading of this post uninterrupted.)

Susan Millard’s YouTube Channel

Screenshot 2017-04-12 830 subs

Of course, I am relaxing sometimes as well as I mentioned. I have been doing a lot of reading and doing some adult coloring. This is keeping me relatively stress-free for the most part while I tackle all these large jobs with paperwork.



I have also been continuing to practice playing my mandolin. I am happy to say that my left-hand fingers are all nicely calloused which makes it easier to play for longer.


I am currently working on different strumming and picking patterns to use with the mandolin. These instruments are not usually played like a guitar as they are meant for a different type of music; namely bluegrass and fiddle tunes and the like.

I have learned a total of 10 or 11 chords so far and am getting pretty proficient at switching between them. This has proven to be a difficult task, to teach me how to play using books and the internet.

A metronome has been a recent purchase to aid in my strumming and picking so that I can keep time properly, so that is helping I think. It was on sale for $10 at our favorite music store marked down from $28.95! That kind of deal I could not pass up.


As for the book, I am writing for my grandson, Ethan, I am still plodding along working at getting that done as time permits. I have the basic storyline down and have some names picked out for the dragon although I have not decided on THE name yet, not for certain.

Getting the wording just right is proving to be tougher to do than I thought. The words need to be simple and I need to capture the story in maybe 15 pages maximum. A majority of those pages are going to be big beautiful pictures with great detail.

I do have the materials collected to put this book together but figuring out just what it is going to say and look like is frustratingly difficult. But, I will persist and work that out and get it done. It is for Ethan after all! 😉

Oh, my husband and I have just started seeing a new dentist right here in town so we no longer have to travel half an hour each way to and from North Bay for appointments.


Yay! Our new dentist is kind and easy to talk to about our teeth and takes our point of view into account when it comes to planning treatment.

We have also had several good references from the people we know here in town who go to him. We both had a cleaning done today as well as a new patient exam by Dr. Wong.

Well, I think that does it, for now, you are pretty much up to speed with what I have been doing with my time while away from my blog. Again, thank you for being there and for stopping by to read my posts. I do appreciate all of you, so much.

Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are – until next time. 🙂


Sneeze, cough, sleep…being sick sucks!


Hello again everyone, I am sorry for the lack of posts for the past while. I am finally feeling up to sitting here and composing a post to let you all know what’s been going on.

This cold or flu or whatever it is hit me on January 16th. When it did it hit me like a Mac truck. In fact, I hopped on my Facebook account and asked if anyone had gotten the license plate. LOL

It was weird the way it took turns with my body parts. It started with a sore throat then went to headaches. From there it hit me with such a lethargy I spent a lot of time sleeping and reading.

Fever was the next stage and at this point I was miserable. Then came the sneezing and runny nose which reactivated a sore throat and headaches.

I don’t mean to go on and on whining is really not me. I just wanted to let you all know if there was any way to keep content going here on my blog and on my YouTube channel I would have made it happen.


I think now that I must have picked up this bug at church although it could have been anywhere really.

Somehow I fought nausea and coughing etc. to keep up my commitments to my church. We have only a couple of people, myself included, that can run the sound board.

I didn’t want to leave them stranded with no one and figured I would not infect anyone if I didn’t hug anyone or get too close. The entire service I stayed up in the sound booth and tended the board.

Everyone who saw me, including the Pastor, commented that I should be home in bed but if I was determined to come in that they would pray for me. We even joked that we should pray the rest of them not get this. So we did just that!


Slowly I am feeling better each day and this blog post is step one to getting back to my routine. I still take naps when I need to and am restricting activities to what I need to do.

So what else have you been up to Susan?

Okay, I did work on my story outline for my grandson’s book a little bit.

I have a cast of characters listed which includes; King James, Queen Crystal and Prince Ethan, the townsfolk in the kingdom and our friendly dragon of course. I still haven’t thought of a name for him.

Basically, I am going for a story in the style of Robert Munsch. I want to introduce the Kingdom of? (no idea what to call that either yet) the castle and those who live in it. I will then expand out to touch on a few of the townsfolk.

Word will come from an attack on the kingdom from the next kingdom over. Prince Ethan will be playing in the backyard of the castle and befriend a dragon perched on the castle wall.

Through this friendship, Prince Ethan will save the kingdom when the attack happens by calling on his new friend the dragon to chase away the attackers.

Once the kingdom is safe again there will be a huge banquet held in honor of Prince Ethan the hero. His dragon will make an appearance at the banquet to share in the glory.


Again…thinking of drawing a dragon like this guy. ^ (I did not draw this it is just meant as an example).

I know this storyline has been written many, many times before but by personalizing it to Ethan and his parents and coming up with my own dragon I will make it my own.

What do you think so far? I would love to know your thoughts on the direction I am going with this.

I am considering making the book using plastic page protectors which I can slide pages into back to back and then seal the tops with tape.

I think this would give the pages some durability from the many, many times it is read to him (hopefully). I will probably then stitch the pages together using the holes where they are meant to be put in a binder.

If I just slap them in a binder some would get lost once he learns how to spring the clips open. Trust me with my grandson this will not take long to figure out….he is pretty determined when he wants something. 😀

On a final note, I just learned, today, how to run the laptop using Easy Worship 2009 to put the pictures and words to songs, scripture etc up on the screen at the front of the church.

Our usual person who runs the laptop during service is away right now so the one other person who can do soundboard will sub for me there and I will be on the laptop this Sunday.

Life is interesting if nothing else and it continues to be a busy one for me so I am glad that I am finally on the mend.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog post once again my friends. I really appreciate you sticking with me even though the postings are erratic. That means the world to me that you do that and I don’t take your attention for granted, ever.  🙂




Decisions About A Book For My Grandson, Ethan.


I got some excellent advice on my questions on my last post. I want to thank both of those people for their wise counsel. I have done a lot of thinking since that post and those answers and have decided to write a storybook for my grandson. Period. Full stop.

It will be a one of a kind book created and produced exclusively for Ethan. I have decided against writing any other children’s books for the public. My heart is not in it when it comes to getting something like that published.


However, my heart is entirely in it when it comes to making one for Ethan. As a result of this decision, I have decided to work on a story outline personalized to Ethan. He will be the hero of the story.

His Dad, my son James, is a fan of all things dragon so a dragon must be involved in this story. I will have to learn how to draw a friendly looking dragon as well.

I think I want to make him a friendly dragon that guides and protects Prince Ethan just as James does for the real Ethan.



Something like this might work (image from Pixabay)


Yes, I believe that will work and would be an excellent jumping off point.

I will be writing the story first so that I have an idea of what to draw at crucial points in the story. I will also begin taking photographs of Ethan I took this past Christmas and teaching myself to draw his likeness in various poses.


So far I have not been able to sit down and draw or do any sort of artwork since the New Year. I am pleased to report that my other two goals are right on track. I talked to my best friend out west for two hours the other night. 🙂

I have been able to almost finish my first book of my reading goal of 40 books this year. This should all be in a separate post, really, but I wanted to explain that the drawing part of this project is a bit delayed.

Not to worry I will get there!


In my next post, I should have a rough outline of the story written to share with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog to read my thoughts once again. I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are. 🙂




Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!


Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. It is officially January 1st, 2017 and I am writing this at the tail end of the day.

Our current time is 11:34 P.M. and I am writing now because I think it is important to get this particular post up as soon after the new year as possible.

Edit: It is now January 2nd, 2017 and I am finishing the final edit on this post and publishing it today.

Today was busy but good. I have already started my New Year’s Goals/Intentions and it feels good.

I recently read some great information on the differences between resolutions and goals/intentions which I covered in my last post. I must say I prefer the idea of goals/intentions.

Please see my last post that I have linked here (it will open in a new window) for details on what I read and where you can find it too. –> Update & Saying Goodbye To 2016

If you fail at resolutions it is all done…there is no coming back from that failure. Resolutions seem to be set in stone with a do or die kind of feel to them.

If you fail to reach and attain a goal you can simply figure out what held you back from achieving it and then reassess and readjust the goal to try again.

I don’t know about you but I for one am tired of feeling like a New Year failure. That is what made me stop writing resolutions in the first place.

I guess before I go too much further I should let you all in on what I have defined as my goals and intentions for 2017.


My Goals /Intentions For 2017

(Whoa…that looks official, doesn’t it?)

Goal # 1 – Call and talk to friends and family once a week or more often this year.

The intention behind goal #1 – I want to and need to keep in touch with the people that matter to me and this year I intend to do just that. These people matter to me and for far too long I have allowed life to distract me and let it get me too busy doing things instead of connecting with the people I love.

Goal #2 – Read 40 books in 2017 keeping track using Goodreads.

The intention behind goal #2 – I will spend more time doing what I enjoy, which is reading, I want to invest more ME time. I have spent a lot of time doing the do things and lost track of my joy. I want to reclaim that happiness that I had before life got too busy.

Goal #3 – One day per week do artwork for either my YouTube channel or my blog (or both).

The intention behind goal #3 – I will not only get artistic content for both my channel and my blog but I will also spend more time creating art, drawing, painting and so on.

It has been too long since I took out my sketchbook and just focussed on my art. Again, I will spend more time doing what I enjoy with the bonus of creating content which I need anyway.

It is important to focus on a limited number of goals in order to ensure a better chance at success.

I stopped at three goals/intentions since I have not written a New Year Resolutions List for years. If I keep my number of goals down to a modest three I stand a better chance of being able to achieve them.

Too many goals and it will be all too easy to lose track and lose focus. I need to be able to keep my goals in sight front and center all year in order to work toward them every day.

Let’s face it if the list was a long one of 10 goals I would eventually, and in fairly short order I would think, look at the long list and give up.

That huge list would look more and more like a burden instead of something I want to strive for.

If I manage to conquer these goals this year I figure it will build my confidence to try for bigger goals next year. Correction; I have to rephrase that so I am not defeating myself before I start.

What I should have said was WHEN I conquer these goals this year… the intention is everything. What was that saying? Oh yes, this one!

In particular, I am thinking of the second set of lines. Watch your words for they become actions.


Today was only the first day of the year and I have actually worked on two of the three goals. I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon reading.

If you click on the Goodreads panel down there on the right side of the screen you will be taken to my Goodreads list of book(s) that I am currently reading.

I also made a phone call to connect with someone I love. That simple act of talking to them on the phone made me smile and I realize once again I need to do this more.

People are always more important than things.

How is your New Year starting out so far? Mine is working out pretty well, so far,…I feel invigorated and full of hope for this fresh start in a brand new year.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post once again my friends, I really appreciate your support. 🙂



Why Google is my friend!



Today’s post is inspired courtesy of another selection from 365 Days Of Writing Prompts

Google and rescue operation What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

The last thing I searched for online was a Peavey RQ 2314 14 Input Reference Quality Compact Console. It is the make and model of the soundboard at our church.


Why was I looking that up, you ask? Well, because our worship leader asked if I would be interested in learning how to use it.

Every Sunday we have a group of musicians up on the stage leading worship. Usually, there are two electric acoustic guitars, a harmonica, two singers and a piano player.

This Sunday there will be a piano player, a harmonica, two singers, two electric acoustic guitars, an electric bass guitar and a set of acoustic drums.

There are two people in the sound booth, one to run the laptop that puts the words to songs and other messages on the drop down screen via a projector suspended from the ceiling.

The other runs the soundboard that takes what the musicians do on the stage and amplifies, modulates and tweaks the signals from all instruments and microphones.

These signals are then broadcast through speakers also hung from the ceiling so that the congregation can hear a strong, clean sound with which to sing along.

Also on this soundboard is a channel used for a hearing system we have in the church. Assistive listening devices are available for anyone who need them to help hear the spoken word.

Into these devices; only the lapel microphone the Pastor wears and the handheld microphone, that gets passed around the congregation  when it comes time for prayer requests and praise reports, are used.

I was more than a little nervous taking on this challenge and thought that a little research was in order before actually trying to use this piece of equipment.

I wanted to make a good impression since it is an honor not bestowed on just anybody. Only those with a good ear for music and sound are asked; hence the honor I spoke of.

The laptop duties are passed to anyone who is interested in helping but the program pretty much runs itself.

Timing is the only key to successfully running the laptop. Are the words on the screen at the proper time? Do the announcements appear on the screen when the Pastor is saying them?

Using the soundboard, though, that person is in control of what everyone hears; the congregation in the house and the musicians listening to their monitors on stage.

My biggest fear as I take this duty on this Sunday is not messing up with the handheld microphone or with the signal going to the hearing assistance system.

The handheld microphone is the most tricky to stay on top of. Too much on a dial can mean feedback screeching through the entire church,  too little on the dial means a muffled voice that no one can understand or hear.

Adding to the complexity with the handheld microphone is how some people use it. When handed to them everyone holds it differently which means a lot of constant adjusting.

Some hold it farther away from their mouth and the gain has to be turned up. Some almost eat it which means the gain must be turned way down or there will be a great deal of feedback.

The pastor is the main one we want to hear and his lapel mic should pick up his voice and broadcast it properly with the right tones so he doesn’t sound too high pitched or too low pitched.

We had a practice last night with the musicians on stage and I was in the sound booth for the first time ever. I was given a basic rundown of the board and shown how to adjust sounds for each person or instrument.

I don’t think I did too badly…the worship leader playing up on stage told me it sounded all right to him but he could not hear what was coming through to the house.

We would need an independent person sitting in the pews to listen and give their opinion but on practice night, of course, there was no one to fill that role.

Of course last night I was also not able to practice with the handheld mic, the lapel mic or the hearing assistance devices. This is really making me nervous.

So Sunday is going to be nerve-wracking for me until I get either compliments or complaints from the congregation.

What is going to make Sunday even more nerve-wracking is that there is both a baptism taking place and communion afterward. These two occasions do not usually happen at a normal Sunday service.

All I know is that I have been and will continue to do a lot of praying that I do everything correctly and the service goes off flawlessly.

I know, there is the perfectionist in me rearing it’s ugly head again. I can’t help it, though; this is too important to me.

My husband will be one of the musicians on the stage with his acoustic guitar and I really don’t want to mess up the sound and make him sound bad either.

I really am happy to be chosen for this job. I want to be able to help out at the church. My husband and I clean the upstairs part of the church each week and now we each have a part in the service as well.

This will not be an every week duty either; only when this worship leader is on stage. We are part of his crew; his hand-picked set of people to work with.

Some weeks we have guest musicians up there and some weeks there is another worship leader with their own crew.

Wish me luck guys; those of you in the faith, please pray for me. 🙂 Thank you all!







Can You Relate To Trying To Lose Weight?


Today I want to talk a bit about the battle of the bulge, as it were. Right now I am a little frustrated with trying to lose weight.

Since last April I have lost a total of 35 pounds. I did this by cutting what I used to eat in approximately half. I have also been keeping a closer eye on the ingredient labels of the foods I buy.

Having Type 2 Diabetes helps keep me searching for healthier alternatives to what I am used to eating too. I have been diagnosed for almost four years now.

Now, losing weight is helping but I still have another  20 to 25 pounds I want to drop.Here is the rub; I seem to have hit a plateau.

I have been hovering at my present weight for months now. I gain a pound or two and then lose a pound or two.

I am trying something new in order to tip the scales once more in my favor and hopefully get me off this dang plateau. I have stopped taking sugar in my tea.

It was only one teaspoon per mug that I was adding but the way I figure it; it all adds up. My doctor is pleased although he would like to see me cut back on the number of mugs as well.

All I have to say to that is one thing at a time Doc. LOL, I tackled quitting smoking (it has been almost four years since my last cigarette) and now my battle is with weight and food.

Once I have this current battle under some sort of control I will be working on the exercise I need. What was that? You say I should be exercising while I am working on my diet?

My dear friends, I work best changing one thing at a time. Besides that, I get lots of activity in my day. I do household chores and now I have beautiful floors to keep clean.

The color of this flooring shows every errant piece of dust so I am constantly sweeping or swiffering the entire apartment as that is where the dark brown flooring is.

Then there is laundry, dishes, making the bed, plus I have RC vehicles I drive which I am always chasing after to flip back onto their wheels. Just check out my YouTube channel for some videos featuring the RCs.

Here is a quick link to the main page of my YouTube Channel in case you haven’t been over to visit it before. The link will open in a new window so you can keep reading here until you are ready to go have a look.

Susan Millard – YouTube

Please consider subscribing if you find something that interests you. I do a variety based channel so there is something for just about everyone.

On top of all that, we are often at the mall and there is lots of walking. My husband has a fast pace and I hustle to keep up. Let me tell you; it is quite the workout.

So, what I am trying to say is that I do move quite a bit throughout my day. I just don’t do exercises in the traditional sense of the word.

My husband has had similar losses from doing the same sort of thing. He has been cutting back on quantity and switching off to sugar-free pop.

His preferred drink is pop and mine is tea. We are both trying to cut the sugar out. Years ago he switched from sugar laden pop to the diet variety with sucralose instead of aspartame.

I agree, it is only marginally better for him but I will support this choice over aspartame content any day.

We finally have a scale in our house that is accurate. I weighed in at my doctor’s office one day and came home to step on my own scales. They were the same!

I try not to step on the scale too often, maybe once or twice a week, always in the morning, before I put a single sip or bite in my mouth I check where my weight is currently registering.

When I step on the scale I am also in the buff. I want my actual weight without the need to subtract an unknown number for the clothes I happen to be wearing.

Let me clarify, I am not trying to lose weight out of some need to conform to societies twisted standards of what is considered beautiful. I am losing the weight for my health.

My diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes was a wake-up call for me. That was the day the truth really sank in and I knew I could no longer live as carelessly as I had been up to that point.


The first thing my doctor told me was that smoking was really bad for me, especially now, because diabetes plays havoc with the blood vessels and so does smoking.

So, that was the first step I tackled on my journey to better health. I used the prescription called Champix or Chantix depending on the country you live in.

Oh, how I wish there was a prescription I could take to lose weight. I am really good at taking my medications. I am not so great at choosing foods or portions of food.

I am trying, though, and life is a live and learn situation after all. Unless I am mistaken none of us has a users manual with complete instructions on what to do and how.

I must be doing something right somewhere along the line or the 35 pounds would not have gone the way it did.

Lucky for me I am still on oral medication for diabetes. The drug is called metformin but I am on the highest dose I can take.

I was informed and have since done a lot of research to confirm, that diabetes is a chronic, progressive (gradually worsening) disease.

My pancreas still produces insulin to deal with sugar levels in my blood however my body has gone into what they term as insulin resistance.

The insulin does not work the way it should to move the sugar from my blood into the cells where it can be used for energy.

My doctor tells me that in an effort to get the sugar out of my blood my pancreas will go into overdrive and become exhausted.

There are other medications to try in various combinations but eventually I may need to inject insulin.This is why I am now desperate to get control of my weight and help my body do it’s job as best I can.

Sorry for the side track and mini lesson on Type 2 Diabetes but it does explain my quest for lower numbers on that scale sitting in my bathroom.


Do you have any tips or tricks to losing weight? Would you please share them with me in the comment section? Thank you in advance for any and all help you can provide. 🙂

I appreciate you stopping by my blog to read my thoughts once again my friends. Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are when you are reading this. 🙂






Something Amazing Happened


I don’t know how I have not seen anything like this before in my fifty-four years but today I saw a murder of crows. They took over our neighbor’s front lawn and a little bit of ours.

Nature is weird; when animals of any great quantity congregate and act as if of one mind it kind of freaks me out a little.

Let me share what I learned with you because I find this fascinating and you may too. The term ‘murder of crows’ is a mystery lost to us since it’s inception in the 15th century.

It may have to do with superstitions of the time when violent death was associated to the crow or their signature harsh raucus cries.

It may have to do with the fact that they are black which is the traditional color, or rather lack of color, prominent at funerals.

There is also a story the Blackfoot tribe passes on through the generations of how the crow came to be black. I will paraphrase that story here.

They say that at one time it was the most colorful of birds and all other birds were black. One by one the other species of birds came to the crow and asked to be a beautiful color.

As the crow gave away one color after another to the birds that asked all color was eventually given away and we are left with the black bird we see today. 

Today, I saw my neighbor’s front lawn jam packed with crows; en masse. Earlier this morning my husband heard a large number of crows and sent a drone up to take video of them.

He was unable to find the field they were in at the time and came away with a nice video of fields but not a bird in sight.

However, this afternoon while he was  busy elsewhere on the property I saw the crows swarm onto our neighbor’s lawn.

I managed to grab my iPhone and take this video which I then published on my YouTube channel. Sorry for the lack of clarity at times but it was the only camera I had on me at the time.

I did not want to go in the house and chance the opening of the door would cause me to lose the opportunity to capture this jaw dropping spectacle.

They were not there one minute and I barely blinked my eyes and there were hundreds of them. This is what I meant when I said nature is weird.

Nature is able to go from nothing to everything in literally the blink of an eye! They disappeared just as quickly.

There are lots of references to this term on the internet and a lot of fighting for one side of the discussion or the other I am afraid.

People cannot seem to agree on how this term was coined and why a flock of crows was named this way. Many theories abound, though.

Many view the appearance of crows as an omen of death because ravens and crows are scavengers and are generally associated with dead bodies, battlefields, and cemeteries.

They’re thought to circle in large numbers above sites where animals or people are expected to soon die.

I have personally seen many crows, over the years, by the side of or in the middle of the road picking at the carcasses of animals killed by passing vehicles.

But the term “murder of crows” mostly reflects a time when groupings of many animals had colorful and poetic names.

For instance, there is a folk tale that crows will gather and decide the capital fate of another crow.

I encourage you to Google “murder of crows” for yourself and learn about all the various reasons for naming a flock of crows as such.

There are some Audobon members comments that I ran across online that were annoyed, that is their wording, that people still refer to a flock of crows as a murder of crows.

Really, there was and I have no idea why they would get so upset over someonelse’s terminology.

In my life when I find myself curious about things that happen to me or that I come across, like a massive flock of crows I want to do some research to better understand.

For example; did you know there was a film called A Murder Of Crows made in 1999, or a play of the same name written in 1992 by Mac Wellman, and a studio album of the same name made in 2003 by Deadsoul Tribe?

The way I think of it is learning is a lifelong journey and given that I have the internet and a local library with books I might as well learn about this phenomenon now that I have witnessed it for myself.

Thanks for once again stopping by my blog to see what is new and happening in my world. Have you ever seen anything like this? I would love to hear about it in the comment section if you have.

I am also happy to hear anything you have to say, question or comment, so please feel free to leave a note in the comment section too.