Sneeze, cough, sleep…being sick sucks!


Hello again everyone, I am sorry for the lack of posts for the past while. I am finally feeling up to sitting here and composing a post to let you all know what’s been going on.

This cold or flu or whatever it is hit me on January 16th. When it did it hit me like a Mac truck. In fact, I hopped on my Facebook account and asked if anyone had gotten the license plate. LOL

It was weird the way it took turns with my body parts. It started with a sore throat then went to headaches. From there it hit me with such a lethargy I spent a lot of time sleeping and reading.

Fever was the next stage and at this point I was miserable. Then came the sneezing and runny nose which reactivated a sore throat and headaches.

I don’t mean to go on and on whining is really not me. I just wanted to let you all know if there was any way to keep content going here on my blog and on my YouTube channel I would have made it happen.


I think now that I must have picked up this bug at church although it could have been anywhere really.

Somehow I fought nausea and coughing etc. to keep up my commitments to my church. We have only a couple of people, myself included, that can run the sound board.

I didn’t want to leave them stranded with no one and figured I would not infect anyone if I didn’t hug anyone or get too close. The entire service I stayed up in the sound booth and tended the board.

Everyone who saw me, including the Pastor, commented that I should be home in bed but if I was determined to come in that they would pray for me. We even joked that we should pray the rest of them not get this. So we did just that!


Slowly I am feeling better each day and this blog post is step one to getting back to my routine. I still take naps when I need to and am restricting activities to what I need to do.

So what else have you been up to Susan?

Okay, I did work on my story outline for my grandson’s book a little bit.

I have a cast of characters listed which includes; King James, Queen Crystal and Prince Ethan, the townsfolk in the kingdom and our friendly dragon of course. I still haven’t thought of a name for him.

Basically, I am going for a story in the style of Robert Munsch. I want to introduce the Kingdom of? (no idea what to call that either yet) the castle and those who live in it. I will then expand out to touch on a few of the townsfolk.

Word will come from an attack on the kingdom from the next kingdom over. Prince Ethan will be playing in the backyard of the castle and befriend a dragon perched on the castle wall.

Through this friendship, Prince Ethan will save the kingdom when the attack happens by calling on his new friend the dragon to chase away the attackers.

Once the kingdom is safe again there will be a huge banquet held in honor of Prince Ethan the hero. His dragon will make an appearance at the banquet to share in the glory.


Again…thinking of drawing a dragon like this guy. ^ (I did not draw this it is just meant as an example).

I know this storyline has been written many, many times before but by personalizing it to Ethan and his parents and coming up with my own dragon I will make it my own.

What do you think so far? I would love to know your thoughts on the direction I am going with this.

I am considering making the book using plastic page protectors which I can slide pages into back to back and then seal the tops with tape.

I think this would give the pages some durability from the many, many times it is read to him (hopefully). I will probably then stitch the pages together using the holes where they are meant to be put in a binder.

If I just slap them in a binder some would get lost once he learns how to spring the clips open. Trust me with my grandson this will not take long to figure out….he is pretty determined when he wants something. šŸ˜€

On a final note, I just learned, today, how to run the laptop using Easy Worship 2009 to put the pictures and words to songs, scripture etc up on the screen at the front of the church.

Our usual person who runs the laptop during service is away right now so the one other person who can do soundboard will sub for me there and I will be on the laptop this Sunday.

Life is interesting if nothing else and it continues to be a busy one for me so I am glad that I am finally on the mend.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog post once again my friends. I really appreciate you sticking with me even though the postings are erratic. That means the world to me that you do that and I don’t take your attention for granted, ever. Ā šŸ™‚





Oh, the lazy, hazy days of summer!



Most of us long for the lazy, hazy days of summer after what seems like an eternity dealing with winter weather. I must admit IĀ appreciate warm weather more than cold. Although, there is a limit.

This summer we have had far more than our fair share of heat waves and heat warnings where the humidex soars and people can become ill. I am asthmatic and some days this summer I have had to reach for my puffer on occasion and seek out shade, a fan, a cold drink or some way to cool down.

Trying to sleep at night when the temperature overnight is in the low 20s (degrees celsius) is not an easy task. It can leave one extremely tired the following morning when you wake up to drenched sheets and feel just as exhausted as when you laid down. You end up slogging through the next hot, humid day and you need to wash the bedding again. Ugh. Adding another chore onto the list is not what one needs when a lack of sleep is involved.

Is it hot where you are? We have been extremely fortunate to have found and rented this amazing apartment out in the country. Our landlords are absolutely wonderful people and they graciously allow us to share their swimming pool, especially when the heat is stifling. We are lucky indeed and thankful to have found this oasis in the desert that this summer represents.

Speaking to my sister has made me aware that many people are faced with drought and this heat combined with aĀ lack of rain, to cool off the temperatures and water the parched grass and earth, is putting everyone in these areas at risk of fires and heat-related illnesses. Rather than the images pictured above people in those areas are faced with images such as these.



Without a doubt, water levels in area lakes and streams are down to all time lows. Likewise, hydro bills are soaring as we resort to fans and air conditioners to at least keep our homes cooler. Fire bans are going up in these dry areas for fear that a random errant spark could begin a fire that would quickly become out of control and not easily put out.

My sister has even mentioned that she has seen leaves falling from the trees ahead of the normal fall schedule due to the lack of moisture. Sad indeed, considering it is still officially summer.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, my friends. I do appreciate it and if it is hot, humid and dry where you are please remember to stay hydrated, find shade, stay cool and stay well.

Update Since My Last Blog Post

Laptop [Converted]

Sorry for the delay in making this entry folks life became a little busy for me and other things took precedence. I am pleased to report that the laptop I was working on is done and back in the hands of its very grateful owner. It went back to my customer the day after my last entry as a matter of fact. I uninstalled a lot of bloatware (trial programs that computer manufacturers routinely install on their new computers in order to look like they are giving you a lot). I detest bloatware. If you are going to load programs on my computer then be fair and give me full programs at least….sheesh!! Anyway, I also installed AVG Free Antivirus and then set it up to do a thorough scan of the entire computer. An hour or so later the report came back with an astounding 44 warnings ofĀ Trojans, viruses, malware andĀ other nasty stuff. No wonder this laptop was in a bad way. I checked the details on most of these and most were of medium severity but WOW…one was a really nasty, dangerous one…in fact AVG warned that it could not be removed or healed. This, in the end, proved to not be true…I just had to assist with its removal. It took a series of a scan, remove, scan again, remove some more and carefully uninstalling various toolbars and unwanted programs to get the computer back in shape. I thought at one point I would have to Fdisk, format and reload the computer but the problem was that my customer relied on using Skype to keep in touch with family overseas. Now, she is not computer savvy in the least and when asked about the sign in information for Skype I got a blank stare – the person who set it up for her was her sister in Italy when she was visiting last. OK…so now I must find a workaround. I did not want to leave her without Skype which was vital to her. Ā The end result, I was able to completely clean the viruses, Trojans and malware out of the computer, remove the bloatware and stop all unwanted programs from spamming her with pop-ups. I was able to work with her ISP by providing all security details to them and was able to reset her email password once the machine was clean. This being done, I then set up a shortcut on her desktop that would sign into her email automatically (Chrome browser will remember your passwords if you give it approval in the settings). I also wrote the new password down and told her to put it in a safe place. She was so happy that instead of the $60. I asked for my services she gave me $70. =) Nice!!!

The weather has been annoying, to say the least. First we had snow and a fair amount of it…then it rained overnight and all the next day leaving grass showing in the backyard, then it froze…now it is back to snow. I really wish Mother Nature would stay on her meds and decide to be spring, summer, fall or winter not all of them at once. Gawd!!

My sister has a horrible head cold and a touch of the flu and my mother has bronchial pneumonia (a fairly serious case of it at that – she is 79). Luckily my sister and our mother live together but unfortunately, they live far away and I can not go help them with both of them being sick. That worries me but I keep in touch with them via phone and email so at least, there is a connection there and that feels good. Last time I talked to my sister they were both on the mend thank goodness.

I am hoping life can get back to a normal pace for a while…I so need that. I think I am beginning to get sick. There has been a lot of nose blowing for me today and I feel achy… Ā I will try to be a little more consistent with my blog entries my friends. Thank you for sticking with me and poking your head in the door every now and then to see how I am doing. I really do appreciate your support and your patience with me as I begin adding this regular blog posting to my routine. Until next time – be good to each other, please. Always be kind to the people you meet – you never know what battles people are facing and you might be the only bright spot in their lives.