Sneeze, cough, sleep…being sick sucks!


Hello again everyone, I am sorry for the lack of posts for the past while. I am finally feeling up to sitting here and composing a post to let you all know what’s been going on.

This cold or flu or whatever it is hit me on January 16th. When it did it hit me like a Mac truck. In fact, I hopped on my Facebook account and asked if anyone had gotten the license plate. LOL

It was weird the way it took turns with my body parts. It started with a sore throat then went to headaches. From there it hit me with such a lethargy I spent a lot of time sleeping and reading.

Fever was the next stage and at this point I was miserable. Then came the sneezing and runny nose which reactivated a sore throat and headaches.

I don’t mean to go on and on whining is really not me. I just wanted to let you all know if there was any way to keep content going here on my blog and on my YouTube channel I would have made it happen.


I think now that I must have picked up this bug at church although it could have been anywhere really.

Somehow I fought nausea and coughing etc. to keep up my commitments to my church. We have only a couple of people, myself included, that can run the sound board.

I didn’t want to leave them stranded with no one and figured I would not infect anyone if I didn’t hug anyone or get too close. The entire service I stayed up in the sound booth and tended the board.

Everyone who saw me, including the Pastor, commented that I should be home in bed but if I was determined to come in that they would pray for me. We even joked that we should pray the rest of them not get this. So we did just that!


Slowly I am feeling better each day and this blog post is step one to getting back to my routine. I still take naps when I need to and am restricting activities to what I need to do.

So what else have you been up to Susan?

Okay, I did work on my story outline for my grandson’s book a little bit.

I have a cast of characters listed which includes; King James, Queen Crystal and Prince Ethan, the townsfolk in the kingdom and our friendly dragon of course. I still haven’t thought of a name for him.

Basically, I am going for a story in the style of Robert Munsch. I want to introduce the Kingdom of? (no idea what to call that either yet) the castle and those who live in it. I will then expand out to touch on a few of the townsfolk.

Word will come from an attack on the kingdom from the next kingdom over. Prince Ethan will be playing in the backyard of the castle and befriend a dragon perched on the castle wall.

Through this friendship, Prince Ethan will save the kingdom when the attack happens by calling on his new friend the dragon to chase away the attackers.

Once the kingdom is safe again there will be a huge banquet held in honor of Prince Ethan the hero. His dragon will make an appearance at the banquet to share in the glory.


Again…thinking of drawing a dragon like this guy. ^ (I did not draw this it is just meant as an example).

I know this storyline has been written many, many times before but by personalizing it to Ethan and his parents and coming up with my own dragon I will make it my own.

What do you think so far? I would love to know your thoughts on the direction I am going with this.

I am considering making the book using plastic page protectors which I can slide pages into back to back and then seal the tops with tape.

I think this would give the pages some durability from the many, many times it is read to him (hopefully). I will probably then stitch the pages together using the holes where they are meant to be put in a binder.

If I just slap them in a binder some would get lost once he learns how to spring the clips open. Trust me with my grandson this will not take long to figure out….he is pretty determined when he wants something. 😀

On a final note, I just learned, today, how to run the laptop using Easy Worship 2009 to put the pictures and words to songs, scripture etc up on the screen at the front of the church.

Our usual person who runs the laptop during service is away right now so the one other person who can do soundboard will sub for me there and I will be on the laptop this Sunday.

Life is interesting if nothing else and it continues to be a busy one for me so I am glad that I am finally on the mend.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog post once again my friends. I really appreciate you sticking with me even though the postings are erratic. That means the world to me that you do that and I don’t take your attention for granted, ever.  🙂





Can I Just Curl Up Somewhere And Die Now Please?


Hi, everyone! Today’s post is all about sleep or rather the lack of it. So, this happened last night and into the wee hours of this morning. I thought I would share it with you in a post.

After dinner last night I had the worst stomach ache. It was a doozy; I have not felt pain like that in a long, long time. There was no reason for it either; I did not overeat and what I ate my husband ate and he did not feel ill.


For some reason, my stomach was bloated and rock hard. If you have ever experienced that you know how much that hurts and there is nothing to be done, that I have found in any case, but wait it out.

I did not even have one of these.


I used to have a really good quality one but somehow it got left behind during a move I made years ago. Sadly, I have never thought to replace it; until now.

I attempted to lay down for the night at around 10:30 p.m. After tossing and turning for a little over an hour; I could not find a comfortable position to sleep in plus the pain would not let me sleep anyway.

Around 11:45 p.m. I got out of bed and crept to the living room so I would not wake my husband. I turn the tri-light lamp on in the corner propped myself up with pillows and covered my lower half with an olive green microfiber blanket to stay warm.


There I sat with my 747-page book reading trying to take my mind off the pain. I found that if I did not move much the pain would subside a little.

I sat like this for hours. I made it through close to 100 pages. Thankfully it is a riveting page-turner of a book.

Around 3:30 a.m. I decided to take a hot shower to see if the heat would help my stomach muscles relax a little. It is at times like this I miss my bathtub.

Did you know you could mimic the effects of a hot water bottle by laying down surrounded by hot water? That was my go-to remedy when I needed a hot water bottle and didn’t have one.

Ever since moving out here to the country all we have access to is a shower. The hot water did help a little but I was getting really tired and did not want to stand in the shower for too long.

There is a seat molded into our shower unit but no matter how I adjusted the shower head I could not get it to reach the right place.

After toweling off and getting dressed in my PJs again I returned to my previous position in the living room.

Just as I got back into a semi-comfortable spot I remembered that peppermint tea is good for digestive issues.

So, off to the kitchen I went in search of my variety tea stash. I have a tub of a variety of single wrapped and boxes of herbal teas.

I remembered the bright green foil packets that contained my peppermint tea bags.


It was such a eureka moment when I was able to pull that plastic tub out of one of my upper cupboards and spotted the green foil.

Yes! I was in luck I still had almost a dozen peppermint tea bags left. With a quick boil of my cordless kettle, I soon had a peppermint tea bag steeping in a cup; which I carried back into the living room.

Setting the tea mug down on the side table by the couch I once more nestled myself into the pillows and blanket setup I had figured out previously.

I picked up my book again and when the tea had steeped until it turned the water a beautiful deep green I began sipping intermittently.


My poor stomach; I did not want to add more to it but regarded the tea as a medicine that must be drunk if I were to even hope to feel better.

Eventually, the mug was emptied and I had read another 5o or so pages when I noticed that my stomach was not hurting as badly.


Did I dare to attempt laying down and chance the pain returning? With my eyes beginning to burn and a headache threatening to start I decided to chance it.

I returned my mug to the kitchen not even bothering to remove the spent tea bag before placing it on the counter.

I glanced at the time displayed on my microwave oven before leaving the kitchen and did a double take. Could it seriously be 5:30 a.m. already?

Indeed it was, no wonder my eyes were burning. Shutting the light off in the living room on my way through to the bedroom I found my way to my side of the bed in the pitch black.

This was a familiar route since I made on average one to two trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night every night to pee.

My husband never woke up as I slid under the covers and settled into a comfortable pose on my left side. I had been told by a nurse once that laying on your left side is better for you.

I have no idea why that is so but with this memory I just landed in bed on my left side. Closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing ended up sweeping me off to dreamland. Finally!

My husband woke me with a fresh pot of tea, as is his custom, at 8:30 a.m. so we could get on with our day and head over to clean the church.

Ugh, three hours of sleep and now I had to scrub the toilet, clean the vanity, Windex the mirror and empty the trash.

I have not had a nap yet and am still plowing through the day. The time now is 3:31 p.m. and here I sit at my computer writing a blog post. :0

Well, I shall end this post here and go start making dinner. I believe an early dinner and an early bedtime are in order today. Thank you very much for popping by to read my post today.

If you have stuck with me this far into the post; you have my undying gratitude because that means I have not written all this in vain.







My Traumatic Dental Appointment

The Thursday before last was a day that will forever be burned into my memory. Not because of something exciting or wonderful though…oh no, it will be immortalized in my mind because it was traumatic.

I still remember the time of the appointment; that is something that usually vanishes from my memory shortly afterward. This appointment was for 2:50 P.M.

Trust me, there are more important tidbits of information that I choose to remember. Minor details, things like appointment times,  are forgotten in order to save room for the important things I want/need to remember.

This appointment on Thursday before last was for a routine dental cleaning. I have these scheduled every three months because of my Type 2 Diabetes.

It is one of those  things they keep an eye on for changes, such as my eyes once a year and my A1C blood test also every three months.

So I go to the dentist’s office; not merrily skipping along with a song but rather doing the adult thing. I showed up to sit in the chair and endure the hygienist scraping and prodding because I must; because that is what adults do. Or so I am told.


Not five minutes into the appointment the hygienist stops what she is doing and asks me if I was aware that one of my teeth was broken.

No, I reply, I was not aware that I had a problem like that or I would have made an appointment to see the dentist.

Again, she prodded the tooth in question and quickly referred to my dental X-rays radiating from the box on the desk.

Pointing to the problem tooth on the X-ray she found the reason I didn’t know there was a problem. That tooth had a root canal done on it.

Thankfully, when it broke there was no nerve in the tooth to cause me agony. I searched my recent memory for anything hard that I may have been eating.

Nothing that I could recall came to mind. None the less; there it was, a broken tooth – second from the back on the top left side.

Natalie, the hygienist, worked around the area and completed cleaning the rest of my teeth. As usual, once she was finished she went to fetch the dentist to check over my teeth and determine if there were cavities in need of repair.

Once Rudy, the dentist, donned his blue nitrile gloves and the mask was in place over his mouth and nose Natalie filled him in on her concern.


Gingerly he prodded the tooth and commented that it was indeed broken. It shifted under his touch and I felt the movement but still with no pain.

He told me that it was a large crack and that a part of the tooth was just hanging on. He could not leave it like that for fear of me swallowing it or causing further damage.

So, I was escorted from the from room where the hygienist does her work with picks, mirrors, lighted headsets, dental floss and various other cleaning apparatus.

Down the hall we went to one of the big rooms at the other end. I was motioned to take a seat in the chair  positioned in the center of the room on the right.

In this room were the serious dental tools and technology that only a dentist would have a clue how to use. The drills, rasps, burrs, needles of freezing solution and of course more gloves and masks.

After putting on a fresh pair of gloves and fresh mask Rudy set to work in earnest. The very first thing he did was pull out the piece of tooth that was just barely hanging on.


My head was positioned this way and that; a look of concern crossed his face, the part I could see not covered by the mask that is.

He announced to me, as well as to his assistant, that the crack was serious and travelled all the way down into the jaw. There was no saving the tooth and it had to be removed.

Swiftly he lodged a q-tip type of thing between my cheek and my teeth in the top left side. I knew what was coming next. The dreaded needle!

Oh how I detest that needle. I know it is necessary  but it is nasty just thinking about it being used on my tender gums that only have tooth and bone underneath to support them.

Sure enough, a very large needle was used to deliver freezing in the same place the q-tip type of thing had just been removed. I know it was a topical freezing to minimize the pain of the needle.

It could not minimize the visions of the brutal assault of the needle that flashed through my mind’s eye. Another needle was produced and jammed into the roof of my mouth just adjacent to the tooth to be extracted.

I was left to let the freezing take hold while Rudy and a new assistant prepared the trays and drill heads with all the necessary supplies for an extraction.


I learned something new that day. Did you know, if the tooth has had a root canal it cannot be simply grabbed with pliers and pulled?

It is because with a root canal there has been trauma to the root area; if simply yanked the tooth would shatter leaving pieces behind in the gum down at the jaw level.

That would cause an infection and would not be pretty, the good Dr.Singh warned me. It would be a mess and the gum would not heal up properly and I didn’t want that he assured me.

I didn’t know that! What followed once my face was numb was a series of drilling and pulling motions. He used a lot of force on both actions and I could smell the tooth being drilled. What an awful stench that produces.

The tooth must be sectioned and each piece pulled cleanly and intact to be sure nothing was left behind.

I could hear all sort of cracking and popping sounds bouncing around my skull as he wrestled each piece of tooth out of my jaw and discarded them onto the tray containing his hand tools.

Upon noticing that my knuckles were white gripping the hard armrests he suggested I try to relax and let him do what he had to do. It was for my own benefit after all.

Relax? Really? Yes, I am sure it is just another day at the office for you Dr.Singh but as for me, I am terrified.

Finally, it was over. I was weary body, mind and soul as gauze was deftly folded twice then pushed into the huge hole in my gums where a tooth once resided.

I was given instructions for care at home and the use of gauze pads, to be changed every ten minutes for the first hour. After that no more gauze in the mouth but let the clot heal all by itself.

I could not focus on what he was explaining to me but one thing made it through.

Do not disturb the clot… just let it heal. I was given a couple of packs of gauze and a printed list of the instructions he had just explained to me.


It is now just over a week since the appointment and my jaw has finally stopped aching. For the first few days afterward my whole face hurt so much I wanted to curl up in a ball in bed and be unconscious until the pain left.

I remember that appointment, I remember the hour and all the details. I don’t think I will ever forget.

Have you had bad experiences at the hands of a dentist? Are you one of those people with perfect teeth and no cavities? Do the needles scare you too?

Thanks for reading this far; if you are still with me. I do appreciate the support; especially for icky topics such as this. Oh, I have another cleaning appointment in 3 months…*shudder*. Should I go?


Welcome to Lake Susan!


Today’s post was inspired by a prompt from 365 Days Of Writing Prompts.

Feed your senses

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re least drawn to.)

The first sensation I experienced on waking up this morning  was sweating and it happens far too often. My husband jokingly refers to me as a lake, hence the title of this post, and I can’t say that he is wrong.

Unfortunately, I have reached that stage in life known as menopause. As women, we all go through it at some point either naturally or as a result of surgery or chemotherapy among other reasons.

I have been dealing with this for a long time now but lately, the menopausal symptoms are getting worse. I think it is time to go see my doctor.

I have been doing a lot of research on the internet. Not to worry, I know some trusted websites to check for medical related information.

Here’re a couple of the ones I use, as an example:

WebMD and MedBroadcast

You can’t believe everything you read or see on the internet and it is important to only consider trusted websites. I cannot stress that enough.

Too many people fall victim to bad advice and quack cures on the internet because they are too trusting. It is important to always check what you are reading with your physician.

Trusted websites are ones that are not only updated regularly but are overseen by medical personnel.

They also tell you something like this (this example is from the MedBroadcast site I have linked above.)

By far sweating is my biggest complaint about menopause. Sweating during the day is bad enough but at night the sheets, my pillow, and everything get drenched.

Combined with that is my Type 2 Diabetes which means I get up at least once in the night to pee. That is a pain in the neck enough with disrupted sleep but coming back to a cold, wet bed is beyond horrible.

I have used bath towels on top of the soaked sheets and pillows to avoid disturbing my husband in order to change the bedding.

I have been washing all my bedding including pillows so often that I fear it is wearing them out or wearing out my laundry machines or both.

Some of the articles I have read say that menopause is different for every woman. Symptoms could go from almost not evident to being so severe as to be debilitating.

Oh, how I wish mine were at the other end of the scale. Unfortunately, my symptoms are registering more toward the debilitating end of the scale.

I am also wondering if this is part of menopause, or maybe it is the Type 2 Diabetes, does anyone else sweat after eating?

I mean, seriously, my arms, legs, head, neck, everywhere is covered in sweat. It reminds me of something I learned about cars or vehicles in general I suppose.

It is called heat soak and that is what it feels like is happening to me. With heat soak, when the vehicle is parked after being driven for a while it will continue to heat up.

No longer being driven means the radiator fan is no longer running and the rad fluid is no longer circulating to cool the engine down; therefore the heat builds up.

When I am no longer eating I can feel the heat build up in me. It is a totally weird feeling and one I think I should mention to my doctor.

Maybe he can explain what this mystery is to me.Thankfully the after eating thing doesn’t last too long before it dissipates.

All I know for sure is that I have to get this figured out and get some help with the symptoms because they are driving me crazy.

Do any of the women reading this post have issues like this? Can you relate? What did you do to get through it?

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions if you would like to leave them in the comments section.I do understand if you don’t feel like sharing details like that in the comments section. Thanks 🙂

For the men who read my blog posts: Sorry for dragging you into female territory today but the prompt lead me to this topic when it asked for the first sensation I felt when I woke up today.

I do appreciate my male audience, very much so, you guys rock! I promise my next post won’t be so uncomfortable for men to read. 🙂 Thanks for bearing with me if you have read this far.